The Earth is not the only planet in the universe populated by sentient life. The universe is teeming with other life forms the number of which is incalculable. Because the denizens of Earth have not yet perfected a practical faster-than-light stardrive enabling interstellar travel, the majority of the alien races encountered by Earth people are those races who have mastered interstellar travel themselves and have visited Earth. Due to the fact that the Earth's solar system is near a natural warp-space access point there has been a high incidence of alien visitation since before human life first appeared. Indeed, numerous advanced civilizations left outposts on Earth during prehistory.

The majority of the alien races documented here have humanoid configurations; bilaterally symmetrical, upright posture, two arms, two legs, brain located in head. Some are astonishingly similar to the human race being virtually indistinguishable until the cellular level. Other races resemble humanoid versions of other Earthly animals such as lizards, skunks, insects, fish and so on. The reason for this staggering similarity in phenotypes among races evolving on countless worlds separated by millions of light years is not known. The most common theory is that of a first race which travelled to millions of worlds seeding their own gene.


Multiversal Racial Table

Race Type Universe present in
Aakon Humanoid Heroverse M1-M16
A'askvarii Ichypoid Humanoid Heroverse M1-M16
Acanti Exobiotic Heroverse M1-M16
Achernonian Humanoid  Heroverse M1-M16
Achernon Humanoid  Heroverse 1-6
Acroyear Humanoid Heroverse M18
Ampzillan Humanoid Reptile Heroverse M18
Antron Amphipod Heroverse M18
Astaroth Spherical Actinoid Heroverse 1, Heroverse 7 and Neververse
Atlantean Humanoid Heroverse 1
Badoon Reptilian Heroverse M1-M16
Betan Humanoid  Heroverse M1-M16
Bospor Reptilian Humanoid Heroverse SF14
Branx Humanoid Heroverse D1-7, 12, 13
Brood Insectoid Heroverse M1-M16
Capellan Malacoid Heroverse 1
Centaurian Humanoid  Heroverse M1-M16
Centaurus Humanoid Equine Heroverse M18
Cetian Insectoid Heroverse M18
Choadite Humanoid Heroverse SF14
Chr'ylite Insectoid Heroverse M1-M16
Ciegremite Malacoid Heroverse M1-M16
Citadellian Humanoid Heroverse D1-7, 12, 13


Humanoid Feline Heroverse SF14
Cotati Herbaceous Heroverse M1-M16
Cryolite Priest Humanoid Chromodic Heroverse M18
Cyberman Humanoid Cybernetic Heroverse SF12
Cybertronian Variable Robotic Heroverse 24
Cylon Humanoid Robotic Heroverse SF8
Dalek Mutated Amoeboid Heroverse SF12
Dire Wraith Amorphic Heroverse M1-M16
Dominator Humanoid Heroverse D1-7, 12, 13
Draconid Reptilian Heroverse 1
Dralasite Amoeboid Heroverse F1
Dryad Mineraloid Heroverse D1-7, 12, 13
Durlan Amorphic Heroverse D1-7, 12, 13
Druff Humanoid Heroverse M1-M16


Humanoid Heroverse SF14
Elan Ecoform Heroverse M1-M16
Ergon Humanoid  Heroverse M1-M16
Fireflyte Winged Humanoid Photonic Node Heroverse M18
Fomalhauti Amoeboid Heroverse M1-M16

Garma Buran

Humanoid Alkaloid Heroverse SF14
Gegku Reptilian Heroverse M1-M16
Gil'dishpan Ichypoid Heroverse D1-7, 12, 13
Glx Silicon Humanoid Heroverse M1-M16
Gordanian Reptilian Heroverse D1-7, 12, 13
Gramosian Humanoid Heroverse M1-M16
Grund Humanoid Heroverse M1-M16
Harmonic Marsupial  Heroverse 1
Herm Humanoid  Heroverse M1-M16
Hive Insectoid Heroverse 1
Horde Humanoid Heroverse 13


Reptile Heroverse SF14
Hujah Reptilian Heroverse M1-M16
Human Humanoid All Universes
Hykrain Ichypoid Humanoid Heroverse D1-7, 12, 13
Insectivorid Insectoid Heroverse M18
Interdite Ichypoid Humanoid Heroverse M1-M16


Humanoid Canine Heroverse SF14
Jakara Humanoid Crystalloid Heroverse 1, Heroverse 7 and Neververse


Humanoid Serpent Heroverse SF14
Judan Humanoid Heroverse M1-M16
Karnan Feline Humanoid Heroverse D1-7, 12, 13
Kawa Insectoid Heroverse M1-M16


Humanoid Canine Heroverse SF14
Khund Humanoid Heroverse D1-7, 12, 13
Klaxun Saprophyte Heroverse 1


Humanoid Reptile Heroverse SF14
Korbinite Mineraloid Heroverse 1
Kree Humanoid Heroverse M1-M16
Kraxa Insectoid Heroverse 1
Kronan Mineraloid Heroverse M1-M16
Kronos Insectoid Heroverse M18
Kt'kn Insectoid Heroverse M1-M16
Kymellian Equine Humanoid Heroverse M1-M16
Lem Reptilian Heroverse M1-M16
Lemurian Humanoid Heroverse 1
Lobros Amphipod Heroverse M18
Makluan Reptilian Heroverse M1-M16
Martian Humanoid Heroverse 1
Martian Humanoid Heroverse D1-7, 12, 13
Martian Humanoid Reptilian Heroverse SF12
Megan Humanoid  Heroverse M1-M16
Mekkan Robotic Heroverse M1-M16 and Heroverse 1
Membros Saurian Heroverse M18
Mephitisoid Feline Humanoid Heroverse M1-M16
Merman Humanoid Aquatic Heroverse M18
Mithrian Mammalian Heroverse M18
Nanda Humanoid Heroverse M1-M16
Neeto Herbaceous Heroverse M18


Humanoid Serpent Heroverse SF14
Okaaran Humanoid Heroverse D1-7, 12, 13


Humanoid Feline Heroverse SF14
Pegasusian Ichypoid Humanoid Heroverse M1-M16
Phobos Insectoid Heroverse M18


Humanoid Crustacean Heroverse SF14
Procyonite Reptilian Heroverse M1-M16
Protean Amorphic Heroverse D1-7, 12, 13
Psion Reptilian Heroverse D1-7, 12, 13
Pumeran Feline Mammal Heroverse 1
Queega Reptilian Heroverse M1-M16
Reptoid Reptilian Heroverse M1-M16
Reptos Winged Saurid Heroverse M18
R'malk'll Herbaceous Heroverse M1-M16
Ruxpins Humanoid Armadillos Heroverse SF14
Sathar Humanoid Worm Heroverse F1
Saurid Reptilian Heroverse M1-M16
Schtangite Humanoid Ursine Heroverse SF14
Sharkos Amphipod Heroverse M18
Shi'ar Humanoid Heroverse M1-M16
Sidri Amalgamate Heroverse M1-M16
Silicon Mineraloid Heroverse 1
Siris Ichypoid Octopoid Heroverse M1-M16
Skrull Humanoid Heroverse M1-M16
Slig Insectoid Heroverse M1-M16
Sm'ggani Malacoid Heroverse M1-M16
Solon Humanoid Heroverse M1-M16
Sontaran Humanoid Heroverse SF12
Spellik Amoeboid Heroverse SF14
Spider Guild Arachnid Heroverse D1-7, 12, 13
Sssth Reptilian Heroverse M1-M16
Syrillian Humanoid Heroverse SF14
Teallian Resonate Heroverse D1-7, 12, 13
Thraxian Humanoid Heroverse SF14
Tsaurid Saurian Heroverse 1
Ul'lula'n Amoeboid Octopoid Heroverse M1-M16
Vorm Reptilian Heroverse M1-M16
Vrellnexian Insectoid Heroverse M1-M16
Vrusk Humanoid Insectoid Heroverse F1
Vxx199 Aquatic Humanoid Heroverse 13
Weeping Angel Humanoid Mineraloid Heroverse SF12
Xenomorph Insectoid Heroverse 8, D1 and SF10
Yautja Amphipod Humanoid Heroverse 8, D1 and SF10
Yazirian Simian Heroverse F1
Zaramite Humanoid Heroverse SF14
Z'nox Humanoid Heroverse M1-M16
Zorite Insectoid Heroverse SF14


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