Elemental Plane of Earth:
Press against a solid stone wall -- that's what the plane of Earth is like. Solid and unyielding, this plane is one of the Inner Planes hat's least open to travelers. A cutter can't fly through it like the plane of Air, swim through it like the plane of Water, or sail on it like the plane of Fire. It's a universe of unbreached rock.
Still, there's reasons for going there. Armorers and swordsmiths will pay a fine price for iron dredged from the heart of the plane, and jewelers cherish the stones pried from it. But there's a lot of dangers here too. A being can get lost without even trying, as there's no landmarks or clear expanses to guide him on his way. Plus, wander away from the heart of the plane and Earth becomes Dust, Magma, or Ooze -- all almost as difficult and just as deadly.
There are a few places to go in this plane. The Great Dismal Delve is an immense series of caverns where the khan of the dao resides in the Sevenfold Mazework. Visiting that place isn't recommended, though, since the dao are notorious slavers. Travelers here can find the Pale River and the Iron Crucible, vortices to the planes of Water and Fire. There are also the hidden fortresses of wizards and trading outposts, magically tucked into pockets deep in the core of the plane. The plane of Earth's a popular place for emperors to banish their enemies, wizards to store their treasures, and even for paladin's to hide evil artifacts.
Then there are the denizens of the plane. Perhaps they've absorbed too much of their surroundings, because their natures are slow, sour, and stubbon. More bizarre than most planars, the elementals of Earth share little in appearance or sympathies with any save perhaps the most obsessed dwarves. Earth and digging are all these denizens seem to care for.
Special Physical Conditions: Getting around is the biggest problem facing any traveler to this plane, the whole of it being solid earth, broken only occasionally by pockets and tunnels. Travelers need a means to penetrate the rock, such as passwall and stoneshape spells or a wand of corridors. A particularly determined fellow could try mining his way through the plane, but only at a rate of about 1 foot per turn. Doing so requires constant detours around impenetrable seams of pure elemental stone. Any kind of tunnel eventually "heals" in 1d6 days, as he ground closes the wound, so mining out a passageway seems twice as futile.
Even with a means to get around, a traveler must have a guide or an elemental compass. Even the latter is useless without some understanding of where the goal lies. Unlike some other Elemental Planes, there are no landmarks a body can sight on. There are no directions, and up and down are determined by the traveler -- feet point down, heads look up. It's perfectly possible for two travelers to meet and each be standing on a different wall. This usually lasts only a moment, though, since one or the other will fall to match the other's "down" (higher Wisdom prevails, with Inelligence setling any ties). 'Course, things that make their home on this plane have no such difficulty with the matter at all.
Besides getting around, breathing, drinking, and eating are all problems. The interior of the plane has no natural air supply , so a sod's either got to bring one or find a way to make one. The same holds true of food and water. Pockets of elemental Air and Water can be found, along with a few mushroom-filled caverns, but only a leatherhead relies on these to survive. Airy earth makes the soil breathable and create food and water can fulfill other needs.
Special Magic Conditions: Conjuration / summoning spells can only draw upon creatures found on the planes of Earth, Ooze, Mineral, Magma, and Dust.
Natives and Hazards: Chaggrin, dao, earth elemental, earth mephit, galeb duhr, khargha, lava mephit, pech, sandling, xaren, and xorn are all native. Very few powers make their homes here -- the most notable are Kabril Ali al-Sara al Zalazil (Great Khan of the Dao, the Fountain of Wealth, the Perfect Compass, Atamen of the Mountain's Roots, and so on) and Grumbar (an elemental lord). Earthquakes are always a risk, lasting 1d10 rounds and inflicting 6d6 dmg each round (no saveing throw). Anothjer risk is in all the pockets of other elements hidden here. Miners have fried in gushing flows of lava, drowned in floods of water, and choked to death on clouds of ash, all in their eager search for gems.


The Elemental Plane of Earth is a solid place made of rock, soil, and stone. An unwary and unprepared traveler may find himself entombed within this vast solidity of material and have his life crushed into nothingness, his powdered remains a warning to any foolish enough to follow.

Despite its solid, unyielding nature, the Elemental Plane of Earth is varied in its consistency, ranging from relatively soft soil to veins of heavier and more valuable metal.

The Elemental Plane of Earth has the following traits.

• Earth-dominant.

• Enhanced magic. Spells and spell-like abilities that use, manipulate, or create earth or stone (including those of the Earth domain) are both empowered and extended (as if the Empower Spell and Extend Spell metamagic feats had been used on them, but the spells don’t require higher-level slots). Spells and spell-like abilities that are already empowered or extended are unaffected by this benefit.

• Impeded magic. Spells and spell-like abilities that use or create air (including spells of the Air domain and spells that summon air elementals or outsiders with the air subtype) are impeded.