Species Name: Half Elf, Eldritch

In Norse mythology a Half-Elf is the offspring of an Elf and a Human.
Notable examples include the Danish princess Skuld of Hrólf Kraki's saga, the hero Högni of the Thidrekssaga (his mother was a human queen), and the royal line of Alfheim, which was related to the elves and more beautiful than other people. The Half-Elven are not a distinct race from Elves and Men, and must ultimately choose to which race they belong. This is significant because although Elves and Men are able to crossmate and produce fertile offspring, their final fates are separate: Elves are immortal, whereas Men are mortal (after death their souls depart the world for an unknown place and future).

Originally dubbed Half Elves, they have instead named themselves the Eldritch after the arcane aspect of their heritage. The Eldritch children of Svartálfar (Dark Elves) are the most unusual in appearance with their skin being a dusky grey, their hair bleached white. Their ancestry is perfectly obvious to all, and they typically find no solace or sanctuary in either Elf or human communities. Many Eldritch are also the unhappy byproduct of war crimes.

Type: Humanoid

Physical Traits: Their skin is paler than human skin but have long, pointed ears like Elves.

Height: 5-6 ft

Weight: 150-200 lbs