Species Name: Hauflin, Halflin, Halfling, Hin

Halfling is another name for J. R. R. Tolkien's Hobbit and is a fictional race sometimes found in fantasy novels and games. In many settings they are similar to humans except about half the size. Dungeons & Dragons began using the name Halfling as an alternative to Hobbit for legal reasons. Originally "Halflin" was the Scots word Hauflin pre-dating The Hobbit and Dungeons & Dragons. It meant an awkward rustic teenager who is neither man nor boy and so half of both. Another word for Halflin is hobbledehoy or hobby. The word Halfling was used by Shakespeare to mean a boy sized man. Some fantasy stories use Halfling to describe a person born of a human parent and a parent of another race, often a human female and an elf. In other stories "Halfling" has been a generic term for beings such as fairies, trolls and ogres who are composed of both magical and earthly substances.

Hauflin also known as Hin amongst themselves are humanoid creatures similar in shape to humans who Halflings call the "Big Folk" but around half the size. Hauflin get along well with most of the other races and are known for their curiosity and tendency to collect things. Hauflin are small in comparison with the members of most other races, standing between 3'10" and 4'2" tall and weighing on average between 75 and 85 lbs. Although Hauflin have an affinity for collecting valuables, they do not prefer to wear these on their person, instead preferring more comfortable clothing. Hauflin have lifespans comparable with but slightly longer than humans. A Hauflin is typically considered an adult in their early twenties and some live into their 150s. Hauflin are fairly sharp-eyed and they can see out to double normal ranges in all lighting conditions. Finally Hauflin are highly resistant to magic and poison of all types.

Hauflin are quick and dexterous humanoids even given their size with quick reflexes and an ability to recover easily from sudden danger. Hauflin who by large have a strong force of personality are also intensely courageous and are more likely to retain their valour then most other humanoids even when under the effects of a spell or other power. Beyond this Hauflin have what can be best described as a lucky streak and have an ability known as second chance that makes it less likely for them to be injured in perilous circumstances. Hauflin are incapable of wielding larger weapons like greatswords or halberds.

The small size of the Halfling has proven to be a lifesaver on more than one occasion. They can investigate dens, caverns and burrows where humans, elves, and dwarves would be fatally constricted by space.

Type: Humanoid

Physical Traits: Short

Height: 3 - 4.5 ft

Weight: 50 - 70 lbs

Abilities: Nightvision equal to normal sight

Mobility: Legs

Sensory Organs: Visual

Communication: Vocal

Reproduction: Sexual

INT: 3D6, WIS: 3D6, STR: 2D6, DEX: 4D6, CON: 4D6, CHA: 3D6, MR: 2D6, HPs: CON +D8

Orbit/Climate: See Earth

Feeding Habits: Omnivore

Lifespan: 160 years

Technology: 2

Culture: Standard. Diversified mix of kind and evil people. Hauflin are by nature joyful and friendly in their dealings with others. Because they live in a world where they are surrounded by larger creatures Hauflin tend to avoid notice often deliberately or at the very least act cordial towards the larger races. Hauflin appear deceptively harmless, meaning they are often beyond the notice of enemies that might otherwise pose a threat to them. The Hauflin mind is practical and concern themselves with their immediate surroundings and take pleasure in simple things, with few aspiring to greatness in the same manner as humans. Some Hauflin do become adventurers but usually this is a practice taken up for reasons of necessity rather than personal drive. Because of this love for home and family Hauflin make loyal and courageous allies, willing to put their own lives at risk for the sake of others. While many Hauflin do not have the ambition for adventure that some races do most prefer trouble to boredom and the race is notoriously curious. Hauflin are courageous, moreso than many races and their daring is often difficult to match. Many Hauflin also have a strong appetite for food and drink as well as narcotics and clothing. Similarly many Hauflin are enthusiastic collectors and love to hold on to possessions won through skill and daring.

Typically Hauflin faces bear the intense, bright-eyed inquisitiveness
of children. Happy Hauflin grin madly; sad Hauflin wear an intractable
pout. When throwing taunts Hauflin look impish and shout in an
incredibly grating tone. Their emotional intensity is infectious. In
their countless pouches, pockets, and belt packs, Hauflin carry a
wide assortment of junk. They have a tendency to "borrow" objects with a habit of finding things that have dropped into their pouches by accident, picking things up in the streets, finding "junk", and generally getting things that belong to other people. Hauflin are also masters at the art of insulting people using a wide repertoire of taunts, sarcasm, outright rudeness, and insults thanks to the shocking insights into a person's character flaws gained from the Hauflin's intense curiosity. They use this ability to taunt creatures, causing them to become irrational and attack wildly or fall into some kind of trap.

Hauflin communities are tightly-knit groups found around the world, usually near the settlements of other races. Most Hauflin don't recognize the claims of kings or nobles as sovereign rulers but instead look primarily to their family elders to guide them. This focus on bloodlines has enabled Hauflin traditions to continue for millennia relatively intact. Hauflin culture has a fondness for stories and legends and is rich in the oral tradition. So much care is put into the retelling of traditional stories and their preservation that Hauflin often unwittingly have access to lore about ancient and long gone cultures or empires that others have long since forgotten about. Many Hauflin are able to recall some detail of the ancient past, though it is usually wrapped in the shrouds of legends.

Also, because of their proclivity for entertaining gossip and news of all kinds, Halflings make great storytellers. Some of them have a gift for music, and halfling musicians and storytellers are in great demand at any village feast or festival. Halflings are ill suited for jobs requiring size and strength such as blacksmithing, ocean sailing, or cargo hauling. Barter is a way of life to the Halfling though in more cases than not it is the unspoken, unrecorded barter of village life. The small folk love to tell and hear stories and will generally be attentive and silent when anyone spins a tale. Not surprisingly they especially love stories in which the small and clever triumph over those who are physically larger and stronger but clumsier and less quick witted. Halflings also have a frank appreciation for bawdy humor and practical jokes. They have the ability to laugh at themselves, though one prank often leads to another in retaliation, and so on. Such good-natured exchanges have been known to continue, reciprocated back and forth, for decade after decade.

Government: Council

Population: 7,000,000


Creating a Hauflin character

Step 1: Attributes
Roll attributes as normal but only 2D6 for STR and 4D6 for DEX and CON. Mana = INT + WIS x3. Mana is recovered at a rate of 10 per hour if remain active (but not using magic) and 20 per hour if asleep. Mana can however be permanently traded for HPs at a rate of 1 for 1. Hit points = CON +8, +8 per level.
Step 2: Skills

Choose skills in the normal manner according to the character's class.

Step 3: Abilities

Hauflin gain all the following free;

Night Vision - The character can see in absolute darkness at a distance equal to his normal sight.

Immune to Magic - This applies to all the spells of every magic sphere. No spells of any type from that sphere will work on the Hauflin, nor can he ever learn or use any magic or be the recipient of any friendly magic.

Additionally Hauflin start with 25 Points to spend on any of the following abilities. As they earns more experience they may buy or rebuy more abilities.

Ability Cost Notes
Immune to Afflictions 5

No afflictions of any type whether supernatural or genetic will work on the Hauflin. This includes eugenics, drugs, nanites, lycanthropy, vampirism, diseases, zombiesm or any other form of paranormal or mystical transformation. His genes are locked and cannot be altered. This includes immunity to Alteration powers.

Immune to Arcane Objects 5 No spells or supernatural abilities possessed by an Arcane Weapon or Equipment will work on the Hauflin. However a sword for example can still cut him in the normal way.
Immune to Control 5 No form of direct mental attacks or mind control can affect a Hauflin. He is completely immune to any form of control, manipulation or takeover (he cant be possessed).
Immune to Detection 5 The Hauflin possesses no presence in the Astral dimension or Dreamscape. In both realms he looks just like a piece of non living material. In this respect he can hide quite easily from spirits, projecting mages and any other astral or dream entity. In fact they will NEVER recognize his existence because he lacks an aura. If a spirit is set to watch a building and report who comes out it will say nothing when the Deadzone leaves, because the spirit wont recognize him as a living being. When ordered to attack most spirits will become confused.. attack who? and not respond to the command because they don't know how. However anyone with See Aura will become suspicious because he doesnt have one.
Immune to Drain 5 The character cannot have his lifeforce, soul, levels, attributes, hit points, energy, chi or mana drained by another lifeform, entity or object.
Immune to Reality Alteration 5 Alterations to time or reality will not affect the Hauflin. Even if If history changes he will remember both versions and he cannot be erased by paradoxes, even if the rest of his world is. He will have a place in the new timeline whatever it is. He will remember all your experiences, even the ones that never happened.
Immune to Supernatural Fear 5 Supernatural Fear is any enhancement of an already grisly sight. The normal saving throws don't apply as this wont work on a Hauflin. This however is totally separate to any Trauma saving throws from seeing something repulsive.
Immune to Transport 5 No form of transportation powers can affect a Hauflin. It prevents him from being forcibly removed via banishment, teleport, dimensional transport, gateway, portal, or any form of time displacement. 
Taunt 5 All enemy taunted will be 2 Thac0 and AC for the rest of the combat. He can affect 1 enemy per 4 CHA +1 per level. Further any affected will focus all their attacks on the taunter.
True Sight 5 The character can see the true image of any person or object regardless of any form of concealment, disguise, illusion or invisibility. This also includes the ability to detect whether it is magical, and whether it is harmful or helpful.
Step 5: Classes
Any but Shaman is the favoured mage class.


Heroes Earth
Before recorded history began Hauflins were a shy and fugitive people living as hunter-gatherers on the edges of civilization, hiding in isolated burrows from the humanoids and monsters that preyed upon them. The civilized races Elves, Humans, Dwarves, and Gnomes took little if any notice of them. Then for reasons which these races have never fully understood the small folk suddenly came out of hiding, gathered together and created small agricultural settlements for themselves across the face of the known worlds. At any rate it is clear that Hauflins arrived on the scene after the human colonists and well behind the longer lived dwarves, elves, and gnomes. The Hauflins seem to have made a point of not competing with the brawnier neighbours, instead selecting regions of lowland or dense thicket which they industriously drained and cleared, forming the pastoral shires inherited by their descendants.

Post Holocaust Era:

In 1351 AD after suffering thousands of losses due to the Infernal created Black Death the various Hauflin united to follow the Dwarves into hiding deep into various mountains around the world where they had their strongholds.

After the catastrophe of the Chaos Era the Dwarves and Hauflin emerged to find their world changed and warped. Mutated humanoids and animals roamed freely throughout the land, slaying everyone in their path. Daemons created nightmare realms enslaving entire tribes and peoples and murdered and pillaged at will. It was time to locate their former allies the humans, if any still existed.


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