Species Name: Jotnar, Half Troll

A Jötnar was originally a giant in Norse mythology, a member of a race of nature spirits with superhuman strength, described as sometimes standing in opposition to the races of the tribes of the Æsir and Vanir, although they frequently mingle with or intermarry with these. In later Scandinavian folklore, the nature spirits called trolls (deriving from the term for 'magic') take over many of the functions of the more ancient concept of the Jötnar. Some of the Jötnar are attributed with hideous appearances – claws, fangs, and deformed features, apart from a generally hideous size. Yet when jötnar are named and more closely described, they are often given the opposite characteristics. Very old, they carry wisdom from bygone times.

Trolls normally breed only with those of their own kind. But from time to time a troll in rut finds itself without a mate. At such times, many trolls wander into the territories of other creatures in a nearly blind state of lust. Such trolls are often less particular about their choice of mates willing to make an attempt with whatever creature they encounter.

Jotnars are the unfortunate spawns of humans and trolls. Often grossly disfigured these monstrous humanoids tend to live far away from either of their parent races, as neither can stand various qualities that the Half-Troll possess. Too foul and mean for humans to bear, and not nearly cruel or evil enough to dwell with Trolls. Most often these creatures spend their forlorn lives alone, but on the rare occasion one finds beings that are willing to live with them and they can at least for a short time, find companionship.

A Jotnar is typically much tougher than a member of its human parent race. It gains much of the Troll's natural ability to shrug off damage; its superior strength, quickness and hardiness; and some of the natural weaponry that make trolls so fearsome.

Type: Humanoid

Physical Traits: Pointed ears and a wide mouth filled with sharp teeth and framed by black lips

Height: 6-8 ft

Weight: 150-280 lbs

Abilities: Nightvision up to 30 metres. Regenerate wounds x2 faster.

Mobility: Legs

Sensory Organs: Visual

Communication: Vocal

Reproduction: Sexual

INT: 3D6, WIS: 3D6, STR: 3D6 +3, DEX: 3D6, CON: 3D6 +3, CHA: 3D6 -3, MR: 3D6, HPs: CON +4D4

Orbit/Climate: See Earth

Feeding Habits: Omnivore

Lifespan: 120 years

Technology: 2

Culture: Standard. Diversified mix of kind and evil people. Jotnars' natural traits actually define their personality, they are tough and rather smart. They are able to survive through most diseases with their strong constitution and yet not fall into pit traps like fools. Jotnars are therefore aggressive, but actually smart about it.

Government: None

Population: 100,000


Creating a Jotnar character

Step 1: Attributes
Roll attributes as normal but then add +3 to STR and CON, and take -3 from CHA. Mana = INT + WIS x2. Mana is recovered at a rate of 10 per hour if remain active (but not using magic) and 20 per hour if asleep. Mana can however be permanently traded for HPs at a rate of 1 for 1. Hit points = CON +16, +16 per level.
Step 2: Skills

Choose skills in the normal manner according to the character's class.

Step 3: Abilities

Jotnars gain all the following free;

Jotnar Body - Jotnars are extremely hardy, able to absorb an amazing amount of damage before they are hurt. Even then they can regenerate that damage very quickly depending on what made the wound. Only magical or supernatural damage can be truly fatal. +6 vs. Poisons, Gases, Drugs, and Diseases. Recover 1 HP per minute and heal any broken bones x4 faster with no skin scarring. Fire, heat and cold are only 25% effective, while poisons, Gases, Drugs and Disease are only 15% effective.

Additionally Avengelions start with 35 Points to spend on any of the following abilities. As they earns more experience they may buy or rebuy more abilities.

Ability Cost Notes
Claws 5 This character is more Troll like in that he has 1 centimetre long claws made of bone which extend from his fingers. They do D6 plus STR damage bonus.
Greater Regeneration 10

The healing ability is greater than most and the character can regenerate 1 limb once per day taking D4 hours.

If rebought again he can regenerate 1 organ per 2 days taking 2D4 hours and are impervious to the transformative bite of vampires and certain werebeasts.

Hearing 5 Hearing increases by x1 normal range per 3 WIS with an additional x1 per level (eg. WIS 15 = x5 range). At 25% of radius hear as low as 1 decibel, at 50% of radius 10 decibels, at 75% 20 decibels, and at 100% cant hear below 39 decibels.
Increased AC 5 +1 AC
Increased Thac0 10 +1 Thac0
Nightvision 5 See clearly in the dark up to 30 metres.
Reduced Sleep 5 The Jotnar needs one hour less normal sleep per 5 CON.
Smell 5 Smell increases to x1 normal range per 3 WIS with an additional x1 per level. It can only be used for smelling poison or impurities in food and beverage.
True Sight 10 The character can see the true image of any person or object regardless of any form of concealment, disguise, illusion or invisibility. This also includes the ability to detect whether it is magical, and whether it is harmful or helpful.
Will 5 This ability gives the character +1 per 5 WIS to save vs any Possession, Mind Control, Paralysis, Sleep and Charm based attacks. 
Step 4: Classes
Any but warrior classes come more naturally.


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