Species Name: Nymph, Dryad, Hamadryad

Nymphs were an important part of Greek mythology and religion. They were revered as the spirits of specific natural features - mountains, rivers, and even groves were usually associated with a type of nymph. The name nymph comes from the Greek word that means young woman, and so naturally these beings were considered to be female. Indeed they were represented as lovely and eternally youthful creatures. Nymphs are graceful, charming, quick, witty and hate ugliness and evil. They will protect and heal all wounded animals and flora.  

Type: Humanoid

Physical Traits: Pointed ears. Nymphs resemble Elven women but are beautiful and better proportioned. They are so physically attractive in fact that if they allow their full beauty to be shown it can stun a person, drive a person mad, permanently blind them, or even kill them. Nymphs can mix with normal people by suppressing this effect and posing as humans.

Height: 5' - 6' feet

Weight: 50 lbs

Abilities: Incredible beauty and the ability to Metamorph into their element sign.

Mobility: Legs

Sensory Organs: Visual

Communication: Vocal

Reproduction: Pollination

INT: 3D6, WIS: 3D6, STR: 2D6, DEX: 3D6, CON: 3D6, CHA: 4D6, MR: 3D6, HPs: CON +D6

Orbit/Climate: See Earth

Feeding Habits: Herbivore

Lifespan: Unmeasured but possibly immortal

Technology: 2

Culture: Standard. Diversified mix of kind and evil people. Nymphs pick a purpose in life and stick to it, most are guardians of a forest, stream, or pond, but some live normal lives and devote themselves to another trade.

Government: None

Population: 5,600,000


Nymph Types:

Nature spirits who inhabit fountains. Element fresh water.
These female nature spirits inhabit trees and forests, and are especially fond of oak trees. Element tree.
The Eleionomae are marsh Nymphs and often mislead travellers with their illusions which constitute images of a loved one. These nymphs also lure young, virgin boys and seduce them with their beauty. Element marsh water.
Nature spirits who inhabit shrubs. Element plant.
The Lampades or Lampads are the torch-bearing Khthonian Nymphs of the underworld, companions of Hekate the Greek titan goddess of witchcraft and crossroads, they were a gift from Zeus for Hecate's loyalty in the Titanomachy. They bear torches and accompany Hecate on her night-time travels and hauntings. They were associated with the Eleusinian celebrants who carried torches during the nocturnal Mystery rites of Demetre. The Lampads' Roman name is Nymphae Avernales. Element rock.
Leimakids or Leimoniads are nymphs of meadows. They only form their bodies when their flowers are in bloom, thus they appear in the start of spring, and remain until the last flower withers in autumn. When the meadow blooms again the following spring it develops a new Limoniad, with no memories of a previous existence. Thus a Limoniad is eternally innocent being born, living, and dying as part of their meadow's natural cycle. Limoniads can control any non-sentient creature born in their meadow, and can magically sense events that occur there. Element plant.
The Limnades or Leimenides live in freshwater lakes. Limnades prefer seclusion but only become hostile if threatened. A Limnade will avoid harming people or animals that visit her lake unless they are obviously hostile. She might rescue someone who is drowning and may be worshipped as part of a local animist tradition. A Limnade may change over time if her lake loses its inflow, is choked with weeds and silt or becomes tainted with saltwater. As her home water changes into marsh the Limnade's personality becomes progressively darker, until she becomes a Vough. Element fresh water.
The Naiads or Naiades are nymphs of fountains, wells, springs, streams, and brooks and distinct from other nymphs who inhabit the still waters of marshes, ponds and lagoon-lakes. The essence of a Naiad is bound to her spring, so if a Naiad's body of water dries, she dies. They were often the object of archaic local cults, worshipped as essential to humans. Boys and girls at coming-of-age ceremonies dedicated their childish locks to the local naiad of the spring. In places like Lerna their waters' ritual cleansings were credited with magical medical properties. Animals were ritually drowned there. Oracles might be situated by ancient springs.
Naiads are also known to exhibit jealous tendencies. Element fresh water.
The Napaeae are a type of shy but mirthful nymph that live in wooded valleys, glens or grottoes. They are feminine animalistic spirits of the valleys, in Greco-Roman period, personalized and assigned the guardianship of fertile green valleys by the great gods. Usually they were invoked locally at small shrines. They are associated with Artemis and often accompany her. Element plant.
The Nereids are sea nymphs, the fifty daughters of Nereus and Doris. They often accompany Poseidon and are always friendly and helpful towards sailors fighting perilous storms. They are particularly associated with the Aegean Sea, where they dwelt with their father in the depths within a silvery cave. Element sea water.
An Oread or Orestiad are a type of nymph that lives in mountains, valleys, and ravines. They differ from each other according to their dwelling: the Idae were from Mount Ida, Peliades from Mount Pelia, etc. They were associated with Artemis since the goddess when she went out hunting preferred mounts and rocky precipices. Element rock.
Nature spirits who inhabit springs. Element fresh water.
Nature spirits who inhabit rivers. Element fresh water.
Vough take the form of blue, green, or black faced old women with metal claws and dripping wet robes (formed from their bodies). In exceptionally large swamps each Vough might inhabit a particular pool of fetid water. Otherwise they inhabit the whole body of water and wax and wane with its fortunes. A Vough is malevolent towards all land dwellers and will usually lure to his doom a mortal who trespasses on her domain. Vough usually refrain from attacking those that hurl her a sacrifice (usually a goat or pig but a human makes a nice treat). Some Vough mate with captured mortals or less savoury entities, and spawn shapeless, slimy swamp creatures. Element marsh water.


Creating a Nymph character

Step 1: Age
Determine your character's starting year. If older than 100 you need to determine which years you have been present in.
01-20 100 xD10 years
21-40 100 x2D10 years
41-60 100 x4D10 years
61-75 100 x6D10 years
76-90 100 x8D10 years
91-00 100 x10D10 years
Next decide what you have been doing. Were you involved in any famous historical incidents? In the present day where does your character live or is he a wanderer, moving around continuously?
Step 2: Attributes
Roll attributes as normal but only 2D6 for STR and 4D6 for CHA. Mana = INT + WIS x4. Mana is recovered at a rate of 10 per hour if remain active (but not using magic) and 20 per hour if asleep. Mana can however be permanently traded for HPs at a rate of 1 for 1. +10 Mana at levels 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20. Hit points = CON +6, +6 per level.
Step 3: Skills

Choose skills in the normal manner according to the character's class. Then for every 100 years alive select 1 additional skill.

Step 4: Abilities

Nymphs gain all the following free;

Element Body - Nymphs can change into the element they were born into such as a tree for forest, rock for mountains, water for streams and lakes, etc. This is identical to the equivalent Metamorph power.

Natural Beauty - 10% chance per point that own CHA is greater than the victims’ of seducing them. 1 victim per 4 CHA will be paralysed with lust, +1 per level.

Additionally Nymphs start with 35 Points to spend on any of the following abilities. As they earns more experience they may buy or rebuy more abilities.

Ability Cost Notes
Animal Empathy 5 Nymphs can establish telepathic communication with any normal or giant animal within line of sight if she does nothing else in the round. The animal must have a minimum INT of 1. This has the following benefits:
She can communicate to the creature that he desires its friendship. If the offer is sincere (and the animal will be able to sense if it isn't), the creature can be calmed and will not attack or flee unless it is attacked.

Further she can then recruit this animal as an ally. Once she does so he permanently psionically links with the animal turning it into a familiar. At any point she may see through the familiar's eyes, smell through its nose, hear with its ears, taste with its mouth or link with any of its other senses (including supernatural ones). The two are always in constant telepathic contact.

Element Chameleon 5 Using this ability the Nymph can blend into and render herself nearly invisible when in contact with her element. When hiding she can conceal herself from attackers and eavesdrop on her enemies. She can hide near a well travelled road and secretly observe passersby, or conceal herself near an enemy campsite waiting for an opportune moment to steal their supplies. 

She may also move with a minimum of sound, almost as if she's walking on air. Even creatures with the sharpest ears are no more likely to detect her presence than they are to hear a feather drop.

Element Heal 5 A Nymph may use her element for healing. Whenever in contact with her element she can heal at phenomenal rates. She must concentrate for 1 minute uninterrupted to perform the following healing; restore 1 HP per INT, +1 per level per 10 minutes; reduce the damage and duration of drugs, toxins and poisons by 4% per INT, +1% per level and gives +1 to save per 4 INT; negate all pain for 1 minute per INT, +1 minute per level; or stabilize her condition (stops bleeding, binds wounds, etc.) for 15 minutes per level.
Fortitude 10 +1 Sanity save per 5 WIS, +1 at levels 2, 5, 9, 11, 13 and 17.
Linguistic 5 The character can speak and understand the language of whoever she is currently talking to.
Magic Resistance 10 +1 save vs Spell per 5 WIS, +1 at levels 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18.
Nightsight 10 The character can see in absolute darkness at a distance equal to her normal sight.
Spellcast 10 The cost is for each sphere of magic she wishes to learn. She starts with one spell per INT point over 9, he can learn an equal amount per level. Thus INT 13 = 3 spells +3 per level. The spells can only come from Faerie or any of the Elementals and in any combination. See Nymph Attributes for how much mana she has. Other spheres may only be learnt if she takes a Mage class which gives her that training.
Will 10 This ability gives the character +1 per 4 WIS to save vs any Possession, Mind Control, Paralysis, Sleep and Charm based attacks. And an additional +1 every 3 levels.
Witch Sight 5 The character can see the true image of any person or object regardless of any form of concealment, disguise, illusion or invisibility. This also includes the ability to detect whether it is magical, and whether it is harmful or helpful.