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They are the scum of the universe. Footsloggers and soldiers of fortune, priests and poets, killers and cads. They are culled from the dregs of the sentient races of three galaxies, and battle-hardened into a fighting corps...

In a future age where faster than light drives and intergalactic travel have become a matter of course, 3 galaxies...Auron, Ophides and Thermor...join together to form the the Tophan Galactic Union, aka the TGU, aka the Union. The Union represents the majority of known space systems and their sentients, and its primary enemy is the Harkilon Empire. Large, ugly, chitinous aliens, the Harkilons are utterly hostile and exceedingly ruthless. Their goal is to rule all worlds within their grasp.

The TGU's government is a Galarchy. 3 elected Galarchs, one from each galaxy, function as highest leaders, rotating positions as heads of executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the Union. The Sidereum Galacticum and Nebular Council are the 2 legislative houses composed of elected representatives termed Stellar Reps and Planetors. Local leadership on inhabited worlds is by appointment and election and includes, among others, the positions of Governor, Selenel and Lunar Consul. Because of the massiveness of the government network, the Galarchy runs often into problems typical of a huge bureaucracy such as conflicts of interest, political corruption, economic inflation and budgetary waste.

Nonetheless, within its astral boundaries, the TGU's primary goal remains the establishment and maintenance of a pax galactica, a general peace for all its galaxykind. Union defense forces form a sprawling system policing the spaceways, maintaining vigilance against Xenons (a general term for hostile parties outside the Union) and monitoring treaties, trade agreements and non aggression pacts with Kalons (a general term for allied parties outside the immediate Union). It is that body of mercenary troops known as the Alien Legion which is specifically charged with the low status responsibilities of guarding inhospitable Union frontiers, quashing insurgencies within the Union and serving the Union wherever and whenever the odds stack up deadly and dirty.

Alien Legion ranks are composed of bioforms from countless far flung Union worlds. Some have joined to serve their government or flee oppression, others seek adventure and fortune, still others are criminals in hiding, wandering poets seeking inspiration or frontier preachers in search of new souls. Their foes are many, yet despite an ideal of camaraderie and integration a trooper's worst enemy is often a fellow legionnaire. Racial and cultural tensions lurk always under the surface. Indeed, it takes leaders of extraordinary character and will to mold a motley group of sentient lifeforms into a crack unit of proud fighting troops.


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