Legion Organization

Squadrons: Nomad, Vector, Sword ( part of Stargrind Company).

Legion rules require a minimum 5 years service.
Legion officers have a higher casualty rate on average then the troops they lead.
Reeducation camp for soldiers who are a constant problem.

7 men to a section.
14 men to a squadron.
2 squadrons to a company.
Each company has its own Legion Transport.

Ship Notes:
Harkilon fighters armed with photon accelerators (laser batteries).
Ships have 'energy shells', shields (reflective hulls).
Ships 'warp'.
Grapple beams, will atomize live tissue, used only for transporting inorganics.
Screens must be dropped in order to fire ship weapons.
Hariklon grapple-pods to set up boarding actions (grapples).
Hologram transceivers (videocom units).


Legion Soldier Ranks

Legion Pilot Ranks

Private 1st Class
Staff Sergeant
Sergeant 1st Class
Master Sergeant
Sergeant Major
Second Lieutenant
First Lieutenant
Lieutenant Colonel
Brigadier General
Major General
Lieutenant General

Enlisted 2nd Class
Enlisted 1st Class
Petty Officer 2nd Class
Petty Officer 1st Class
Senior Petty Officer
Master Petty Officer
Warrant Officer
Chief Warrant Officer
Lt Junior Grade
Lt Commander
Rear Admiral
Vice Admiral


The Kit

Needlers for environmentally sensitive missions (preservation of the biosphere from outside contamination) with biodegradable darts.

IR lanterns.

Hel-gun (high energy laser).

Neuro-recorder, for checking mental patterns.

Harkilons use Impact Launchers (grenade rifles)/ Laser Pistols and Laser Rifles.

Standard Legion Kit of 1 Hel-gun, 10 Power clips, 1 set Legion armour, Chronocom and Knife.

Legion Armour stops 50 points of laser damage and takes damage from projectile and melee (up to 50 points can be absorbed). Contains a homing beacon in right shoulder piece (20km range).


Battle Galingua, a universal language taught to officers and troops of the Union forces, the Legion training does not cover it however.

Esper, term for those with extra sensory perception.

Grogh, brewed from grve and holix cereals, part of Legion daily rations.


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