Species Name: Astaroth

The Astaroth are evil, supernatural entities who wont rest until they have conquered every dimension. They rule through the use of subject races enslaved by their mysticism. They are an evil power that span many dimensions and are the sworn enemies of the original gods who have been banished from every dimension they were worshipped in.
As a race the Astaroth are not very common, there are never more then a dozen or so on a given planet at once. But a single Astaroth is powerful enough to command an entire continent with minions such as the Jakara. As masters of both infernal magic and corrupted technology the Astaroth are a powerful and feared interdimensional force. The Astaroth have access to all magic spheres except Divine but specialise in Diabolical.

Type: Spherical Actinoid, radioactive body chemistry.

Physical Traits: Occular head for a body.

Height: 3 ft

Weight: 120 lbs

Mobility: Telekinetic levitation and flight

Sensory Organs: Visual, infrared and ultraviolet

Communication: Telepathic

Reproduction: Spores

INT: 4D6 +1, WIS: 4D6+1, STR: D6, DEX: 4D6, CON: 3D6, CHA: D6, MR: 4D6, HPs: CON +D12

Orbit/Climate: 1.5 AU. Extremely erratic, retrograde, elliptical orbit, unpredictable, harsh and violent temperature changes.

Atmosphere: Dense and tainted thick atmosphere which is predominantly oxygen and nitrogen.

Oceans: 21%

Gravity: 94%

Feeding Habits: Photosynthetic

Lifespan: Undetermined due to supernatural prolonging

Technology: 10

Culture: Malevolent. Truly malicious race with no redeeming qualities at all.

Government: Totalitarian Oligarchy

Population: 3,500,000,000


Home System:

Number of Stars: 3, Vega

Star Type: O, B and A

Planetoid Belts: 4

Inner Planets: 1

Middle Planets: 3

Outer Planets: 9