Basilica City



1- Rotterdamned Asylum

Rotterdamned Institute for the Criminally Insane is located on the outskirts of Basilica city and is a maximum security prison for the mentally ill. It does not have a good record, escapes are frequent and those who are 'cured' and released tend to re-offend. Furthermore several staff members including at least one director have ended up as residents.
In addition prisoners with unusual medical conditions that prevent them from staying in a regular prison are housed there. Now most low level meta villains are sent here.

2- Moses Seaport
The City's sea link to the rest of the globe. Ships usually dock around dawn. This is so that they're ready for offloading as soon as the stevedores come on soon after first light. The cargo is unloaded and put in a special storage area that has complete Customs control  whether it be a warehouse, or in the case of cars, a parking lot. The cargo is not allowed out of that storage facility until it has been cleared by Customs. Then the cargo is moved to a storage facility owned by the shipping firm until they are to be shipped out to their final destinations. All road entry and exit points are manned by security with drop down road gates and cabins. All traffic is stopped before entering or leaving the docks, with cursory security checks. If the security guys are suspicious of any vehicle wanting entry, then it is refused. In the case of vehicles wanting exit off the docks, they are held there until Customs and on site police can get to them.  The docks try to move stuff of the ships as quickly as possible (it's a simple equation, the faster they move cargo off the ships and onto trucks, the more business they do). The Stevedores work the cranes to unload the machines and they log every container in the port database. Containers are fitted with custom seals before they are offloaded. There are port police that patrol the area and look for broken seals and such, but they do little more than a cursory job. Especially when there's any cargo belonging to the Loa.

The Loa
The Loa is a Colombian drug cartel who rule the Dockyards with the aid of the metavillain Dr Apocalypse, and her group Terror Inc. All the city’s illegal goods (including drugs, guns, etc) are smuggled in through here. The Loa while being able to fend off legitimate heroes with impunity, due to lack of evidence of illegal activity do not have it totally their own way. A vigilante know only as Revenge has made a sizable dent in their operations and manpower, sending many dealers to the morgue. It is unknown whether he is a meta, or even what he looks like as he has yet to leave any witnesses. Likewise it also remains unknown why he wages war on the Loa... although his name may be a clue to his motives. He has yet to engage any of the metavillains of the organisation.

3 - Shen Hsui-Chi Hospital
Named after a Chinese god of medicine this hospital is based in Chinatown. There are rumours that the hospital sells body parts to the Body Works. Nowadays the hospital gets medical interns who weren't good enough to get in anywhere else and doctors whose credentials aren't checked too closely (deregistered). For the right price gang members are not reported to police if they come in with gunshot or stabbing injuries. 
4 - Red Sea Water
This private company is tasked with providing drinking water and wastewater services (including sewage treatment) to the households and industry of Basilica city. They maintain and operate the water lines, water pump plants, pressure zones, and more than 200 million gallons of potable water storage capacity in standpipes, elevated tanks, and concrete and steel reservoirs. There have been problems with people inhabiting the sewers and other things..
5 - St Andrews Cemetery
For the most part the cemetery is like any other in which dead bodies and cremated remains are buried. However at night certain events can only be encountered at night, during the day nothing happens.

The Mausoleum
This gigantic rectangular white marble construction is the resting place of the remains of Amenhotep, once a great Egyptian king and a powerful wizard. The height of the Mausoleum is 45 metres with a 75 metre diametre. The pyramidal roof is supported by 666 columns, each one of them depicted with inscriptions and built on top of the corpses of each one of the 666 workers who built the Mausoleum.
Plenty of life size statues representing ancient soldiers, scholars, monks and some animals and magical beasts surround the outsides of the Mausoleum, statues which some say are the result of Medusas. 
There are also 66 obelisks surrounding the Mausoleum with inscriptions in a language that is now forgotten (unless one knows Stygian). Some scholars say that the obelisks are protective devices meant to deter intruders from entering the Mausoleum while other believe that they are there to prevent the rise of Amenhotep and his army.
There’s a large locked catacomb beneath the Mausoleum which has not been explored in decades.

The Hangedman Tree
High atop a grassy hill overlooking the many marble tombstones below stands the Hangedman Tree. A gnarled, twisted, dead thing the tree stands silhouetted against the perpetual purple twilight of the grave world's sky, three bodies forever suspended from its branches. Who the men suspended from the tree were in life nobody knows. In death they are the collective wisdom of the damned. One has knowledge of the past, another the present and the third the future. A person may ask any one question of the Tree, that its occupants must answer truthfully. But which corpse represents which time period?
Should for some reason one of the bodies hanging in the tree be cut down it will be replaced with a fresh corpse within 24 hours. This time a local.

The Unknown Headstone
An ancient, limestone, grave marker turned black with age. One can no longer make out the inscription upon the stone, although several faint impressions of runic carving persist. No other markers stand nearby, nor does any plant life grow in the immediate vicinity of the black marker. It radiates an aura so unnatural and alien that the other denizens of the grave world give the marker wide berth. In truth the faded inscription and faint ornamentation is all that remains of a ward placed upon the headstone in aeons long since passed. Whenever this ward is weakened enough such as during Halloween so does the thing trapped within escape.

The Deep Grave
The location is perpetually overcast by a pall of smoke and deep down the fires of a mass burial pyre can be seen. The few who journey further down rarely return. Of the rare few that do the handful who speak of it tell of a mounting terror, a feeling of being trapped, locked in a terrible embrace, unable to breathe or move, and most of all the deep, primal need to get out, to escape. From below the noise is louder but still muffled, distorted. 

6 - Edison Power Plant
The Group's principal activities are producing and supplying of electricity via solar and geothermal power. It is also engaged in selling of oil. Recent drilling seems to have broken into a subterranean world which is inhabited.
7 - Metatech Corp
Metatech have a division here.
8 - Bohr Technical College
Bohr provides a wide range of predominantly vocational tertiary education courses. Fields covered include hospitality, tourism, construction, engineering, secretarial skills, visual arts, computer programming and community work. The college now confers its own degree level awards though not beyond the level of Bachelor. This is the college you go to when you cant afford the others.
9 - Restoration Inc. HQ
When the superhuman community throws down in a neighbourhood the damages can be astronomical. However Restoration Inc are here to clean up the mess and rebuild the property to the way it was. Considering the amount of superhuman battles there are and with virtually no competition this is a definite money maker. Restoration is an engineering and construction company that specializes in the cleanup, repair, and restoration of property damaged through the destructive activities of metahuman or paranormal beings.

They use state of the art technology so that they can finish repairs and reconstructions in record time. In order to pay for their services individuals and private companies go through their Meta Human Insurance or Paranormal Activity Assurance. However if one isn’t covered they can always apply for funds from the Federal Disaster Area Stipend from Basilica City to pay for Restoration's assistance.

10 - Justice Anonymous HQ
This complex was originally the largest warehouse in the city. It was bought by the Tomorrow Corporation, refurnished and donated to Justice Anonymous. It serves as a place to plan and strategize and a home for members when they need it.
It has five above ground floors and four basement floors. The first two floors have twelve rooms to house members who wish to reside in the mansion, as well as eating, recreation and training facilities. The top floor serves as a hangar for their 2 Jumpjets, their primary mode of transportation.
The floors below ground hold a weapons chamber, lab, medical facility, meeting room, holding cells, and a submarine dock.
The complex is surrounded by a wall ten feet high and one foot thick, as well as an array of high-tech security defences.
11 - Lobos Brothers Circus
This is now a permanent fixture much to the consternation of City Hall officials. Run by two werewolf brothers the circus offers exhibitions of Vampire, Weres, Ghosts, Goblins, Ghouls, Zombies, Giants, disturbed clowns, freaks on display, haunting ghosts and a Demon circus conductor. However despite first appearances all of these entities are good or at least reformed and seeking redemption. The circus acts as a sanctuary for them from their brethren, from government agencies wanting to dissect them, and from any Infernal entities hunting them.

The circus also contains the traditional acts of acrobatics and gymnastics, tightrope walking, trapeze and cradle, juggling, plate spinning, rolling globes, daredevil stunt acts, sideshow acts, a human cannonball, fire eating, knife throwing, magic shows, sword swallowing and a really strong man. The flea circus in sideshow alley is real.

12 - Shadow Outpost
Shadow has a division here.
13 - Clockwork Cathedral
14 - Project Omega
Project Omega has a division here.
15 - San Marco Hospital
SMH was founded in 1740 and provides a specific range of tertiary referral services to the people of Basilica City and a broad range of clinical services to people who rely on SMH as their regional or local hospital. It is also involved in various areas of medical and health research, often in conjunction with the Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science and Socrates University for which it is a major teaching hospital. As SMH is an accredited teaching hospital for all health professionals it offers basic training positions in nursing, midwifery, internal medicine, surgery, and general practice as well as advanced training in the areas of; Anaesthetics, Cardiology, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Clinical Pharmacology, Dermatology, Emergency Medicine, ENT Surgery, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, General Surgery, Geriatric Medicine, Gynaecology, Haematology, Hyperbaric Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Intensive Care Medicine, Internal Medicine, Medical Administration, Medical Oncology, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Occupational Medicine, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedic Surgery, Palliative Care, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Plastic Surgery, Psychiatry, Radiation Oncology, Radiology, Rehabilitation Medicine, Renal Medicine, Urology and Vascular Surgery.
16 - Whispering Creek Golf Course
A unique and fun course.. once people get use to the traps, the fogs, and the electrical storms. Ground fog is a very common in the course's rough areas. When a storm moves in, a beacon signals to the golfers that they must return to the insulated clubhouse immediately. Storms are supernatural, unpredictable and more often than not highly dangerous. If all that wasn't enough, if you're an exceptional golfer a mysterious opponent could challenge you when you least expect it. 
The course consists of 13 holes. There are numerous hazards including bunkers, sand traps, lakes, ponds, and rivers. Most of the grass of the putting green is cut very short, but not all. One area in particular resembles Vietnam. There is also a practice range and a driving area.  
Present at different times are the apparitions of tribal Indians performing dances, the spirit of a bride wailing over her murder, a headless horseman and the ghost of the course's original owner sipping booze on the course.
17 - Socrates University
Established in 1999 Socrates University is the college you go to when you cant afford Aristotle. However it has rapidly established itself as an integral part of Basilica's respected higher education system and makes an important economic and social contribution. Socrates has a high research profile and consistently ranks among the world's top universities on a per capita basis for research. 
Local Students 14,532; International Students onshore 7,739;
International Students offshore 931.
18 - Libris Books
Libris Books is a three-story townhouse and appeared soon after Basilica city was built. It is owned by the Doomslayer family. The building is said to have been built upon the site of pagan sacrifices and is a focal point for supernatural energies. There seems to be more space inside than there would seem to be from outside. Some corridors form labyrinths, and the arrangement of rooms seems to change by itself. The shop sells new, second hand and antiquarian books and what they don't have they can get for you from anywhere in the world. Their range includes Militaria, Literature, Biography, Art, History, Fiction, Maritime, Philosophy, Music, Cinema, Politics, Science, Travel and of course magic.

The basement contains storage, a furnace, and the laundry. The first floor holds the family's personal library. The second floor contains a living room, dining room, and several bedrooms for the family. The third floor only exists on the inside. The shop has a circular windows with various wards inscribed on them.

19 - St Simons Swimming Centre
Boasting water slides, shower caves, three outdoor pools, shady trees, a water slide, play pools and a 50 metre heated Olympic-size pool, St Simons Centre has all the facilities necessary to satisfy any family. It also has five spas, a river ride, spray jets, spurting volcanoes and bubble beach. The gym, shop and cafes further enhance the experience. Swimming lessons take place daily and child-minding facilities are available during term time.
20 - Heromart Mall
Heromart was created to cash in on the popularity of the city's heroes. It has a general merchandise area for each possible piece of lifestyle element. This includes departments for homeware, garden, bath room, automotive care, bedding, a pharmacy, pet supplies, electronics, toys, games, jewellery, office supplies, furniture, clothing, sports, hardware, film developing, art materials, shoes, an alcohol section and a complete food supermarket. The rest of the mall is filled with 100 different specialty shops. Due to the high rent the type of shops are always changing.
21 - Cybertronic Telco
Cybertronic provides telecommunications services such as landline phones, mobile phones, data communications and ISP. All the telephone lines have now been placed underground and Cybertronic is responsible for the maintenance of them.
22 - Franklin Miniature Rail line
This is a ride based in the Franklin Park with a large scale model railway that hauls passengers using trains that are models of full-sized railway locomotives (powered by diesel and petrol engines, live steam engines and electric motors). They have a track gauge of 250 mm and ride around through a miniaturised version replica of the city complete with little toy people.
23 - St Matthews Hospital
Since opening in 1978 St Matthews has earned an international reputation as one of the world's finest public teaching hospitals and as a centre for research excellence. The hospital is co-located with the Socrates University School of Medicine and provides an extensive range of services for patients of all ages. It is one of two major trauma centres with an around-the-clock emergency retrieval service bringing patients by road or helicopter. St Matthews is also the base for the Eye Bank and the Liver Transplant Unit. More than 3,500 skilled staff provide services to people across Basilica. Staff are supported by more than 550 volunteers who make up the largest volunteer service in a public hospital in the country.
24 - M.R.U. Base
The Metahuman Response Unit is a branch sector of the greater Basilica police department. Known informally as the MRU this task force specialized in resolving criminal matters that were otherwise considered too extreme for the average police officer to handle. The MRU is populated with the best officers the Basilica Police department can field and they are given state of the art technologies from Metatech and MSI (an agency contracted to produce non-lethal weaponry). The MRU is the first division dispatched whenever uniquely dangerous threats of metahuman activity, subterranean monsters or extraterrestrial invaders arrive in Basilica or its suburbs. The MRU has proven to be a reliable, incorruptible, ever present defender of Basilica even when other superheroes are unavailable to support it.
25 - San Tomas Basilica
This is the largest cathedral outside of Rome and publicly serves as the Vatican's local place of worship. Secretly it is also a base for the local Templars.

The Basilica itself has a large roofed hall erected for Vatican business. It contains interior colonnades that divide the space, giving aisles or arcaded spaces at both sides, with an apse at one end, where the magistrates sat, often on a slightly raised dais. The central aisle is wide and higher than the flanking aisles, so that light can penetrate through the clerestory windows. The church section has an octagonal plan. The building combines Roman elements (the dome, shape of doorways, stepped towers) with Byzantine (polygonal apse, capitals, narrow bricks, etc). The central section is surrounded by two superposed ambulatories. A series of mosaics in the lunettes above the triforia, depict parables from both the Old and New Testament. Mass is held in this section at 10am and 8pm every day.
The catacombs below holds all the equipment and weapons for the Templars.
The ramshackle yet very large gardeners shed outside is actually steel reinforced able to withstand artillery blasts and holds the Templar's land vehicle.

26 - Galileo Observatory
This is a multi purpose observatory used for observing terrestrial and celestial events. It is also used as the teaching area for students of astronomy, climatology/meteorology, geology, oceanography and vulcanology. The optical telescope is housed within a reinforced dome with slats in the roof that can be opened during observing and then closed when the telescope is not in use. There is also a radio telescopes nearby.
27 - Bayside Rehab Hospital
The Bayside is the only hospital in Basilica solely dedicated to specialized rehabilitation. As the site of Basilica’s only dedicated organ transplant rehabilitation program and burn rehabilitation program, the hospital develops individually customized inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services. This  250 bed hospital provides specialized treatment, education and outreach support for people recovering from: Amputations, Burn injuries, Cancer, Cardiovascular surgery, Organ transplants, Orthopaedic conditions, Strokes and neurological conditions, Traumatic injuries and complex medical conditions/procedures.
28 - Aristotle University
Aristotle University is among the finest universities in the world. Established in 1672, it is committed to producing graduates recognised worldwide for their creativity, knowledge and skills. With 16,000 students including more than 2,000 students from 70 countries, Aristotle has produced two Nobel Prize-winning graduates and nearly 100 Rhodes Scholars. An innovative and forward looking university it has major strengths in wine and food, biological sciences, physical sciences, information technology and telecommunications, environmental sciences and social sciences. Since its inception the university has been at the heart of Basilica city life, shaping education, research, culture, politics and economics.

The Apollo Conservatorium of Music is a popular venue for concerts and public lectures and presents lunch hour concerts every Friday afternoon during semester. Baldur's Hall completed in 1836, seats 1000 and is used for university graduation ceremonies, conventions and major public events.

The Hewitt Library is named in honour of the Hewitt family, which was prominent in Millennium city business and pastoralist activity over many years, and made many gifts and bequests to the university. The library occupies a central position on the campus and is the largest library in the city.

Student House provides an important centre for student activities. It contains student cafeterias, the Silver Spoon licensed restaurant, the university bar and a small theatre. The Spoon displays works from the university art collection. Members of the public are welcome at these venues which also cater for functions.

There's just one problem. The only way to get entrance to this university is if your family is wealthy. If not they'd better be willing to become destitute, paying off your university fees for the rest of their lives.

Local Students 7,532; International Students onshore 4,739;
International Students offshore 731.

29 - Castle
This castle dates back to the 1200’s although information on who created it has been lost. Nevertheless it has a reputation for being one of the world’s most haunted and most terrifying castles. Several ghosts are said to reside here including those of animals and are often seen after midnight. There is also at least one  poltergeist. There deaths are rumoured to have been  associated with violent or tragic events in the castle's past such as murder, accidental death, and suicide. To date no "exorcist" has been successful in ridding the castle of even one of its inhabitants.
30 - Royal Academy Cineplex
This is a huge combined cinema and multiplex with over 50 screens. It shows movies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 30 of the screens are dedicated to the newest releases from around the world while the remaining screen popular older films on a rotating basis.
31 - Arkham's Antiques
Arkham has gone through a series of owners, many of whom met grisly deaths at the hands of Basilica's more supernatural residents. Morpheus, the current owner took over the store about a year ago after the previous owner was killed by a demon. So what's in it? Items include; séance candles, crystal balls, potions, arcane talismans, etc., along with non-magical items such as history books, jewellery, etc. If you need ingredients for a potion, spell or summoning this is the place to come.
32 - St Paul's Hospital
St Paul's public hospital was opened in 1983 and offers the following services for free; General Medicine, General Surgery, Haematology, Hospice, Rheumatology, Nephrology, Neurology, Oncology, Respiratory Medicine, Psychiatry, Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Urology and Paediatrics. However it is limited to only 200 beds and its services are severely overburdened.
33 - Marine World
Marine World acts as an aquarium for local and endangered aquatic species. The museum and park's structure consists of an over-water floor with gift shops, restaurants, exhibitions, a touch pool and an underwater observatory where tourists can see non-captive fish going about their lives.
It also has highly trained dolphins and sea lions that perform in circus-like acts. There are three polar bears who live in an enriched, naturalistic environment including things like deep water, logs, gravel for digging, a variety of foods and even simulated rain. 2 years ago the park opened a system of artificial lagoons allowing sharks to be viewed from both above water and underwater.
Marine World's rides include a roller coaster, a Ferris wheel, a cable car and a carousel. A water park includes several water slides and adults' and children's pools.
Marine World has made many contributions to wildlife conservation. Scientists, zoologists, trainers and rescue teams from around the world come to Marine World to train and participate in research and wildlife preservation. Marine World teams have helped save stranded whales, dolphins, seals, and sea lions and helped raise the awareness of endangered manatees.
34 - Bayside Amusement Park
This is a large amusement park near the Bayside beach. It features a few rides, but no roller coasters. The Bay Beach Pavilion hosts numerous concerts, political rallies, dances, etc. There are many rides for younger patrons including bumper cars, a large slide, a Ferris wheel, bumper boats, go-carts, and mini golf.
35 - Vanguard Prison
Vanguard is the first prison said to be built specifically and exclusively for the detention of meta and paranormal villains. Prior to its creation metahumans were usually imprisoned in special wards in local prisons,  however concern about the danger posed to non metahuman inmates by the frequent breakouts in the prisons led to those wards being closed.

Another venue the energy research facility Project Omega was also briefly used, though the unsuitability of such an institution for use as a general prison led to the imprisonment of most criminals there being discontinued eventually. Basilica City decided to cash in on this need for a special facility and set about building a unique penitentiary dedicated and designed exclusively for the detainment of metahuman criminals. Using expertise, research and technology pioneered at Project Omega and extremely robust materials such as adamantite and mithril, a two storey above ground and six level underground structure was built.
36 - Rail Station
Serving as the main connecting hub for rail traffic between central Basilica and its suburbs on inter-city rail, commuter rail and metro lines, the station is used by an average of 1 million people per day in making it one of the busiest train stations in the world in terms of number of passengers. Including an underground arcade there are well over 200 exits. It houses the headquarters of the Basilica Railway Company in the towers atop the station, as well as in underground concourses. The rail reaches every section of the city with private security patrolling most of the terminals, especially at night and coordinated with the police.
37 - Dali Art Gallery
First built in 1901 by Tomas Tobin this gallery originally held fake reproductions of many famous paintings. Tomas then set fire to the gallery in order to collect on the insurance money. The fire was successful in destroying most of the gallery and all the fake paintings. However one section remained completely untouched.. the section filled with unknown works reputed to be from the Talisman era. Tobin was later found in his home horribly mauled as if by some animal. The city then tried to demolish the rest of the gallery but terrible things kept happening to the work crew so this idea was eventually abandoned. Instead a new gallery was simply built around the remains of the old.
For the most part the gallery has prints like any other art gallery in the world. Then there's that other section. Which anyone sane never goes into. It is rumoured that at certain times of the year (such as Halloween) some of these paintings come alive while others become portals to other worlds..
38 - Basilica Zoo
The zoo is home to over 3,400 animals and almost 300 species of exotic and native mammals, birds, reptiles and fish exhibited in magnificent botanic surroundings of over 10 hectares. Basilica Zoo focuses on endangered and rare animals from continents which made up the super continent Gondwana - South America, India, Africa, Australia and South East Asia. The major exhibits include the South East Asian Rainforest, Seal Bay, Australian Rainforest Wetlands walk-through aviary, Africa, South America, India, Nocturnal House and Reptile House.
The zoo is also a botanic garden, and there are many significant exotic trees in the gardens.

Basilica Zoo also has a satellite zoo 70 kilometres outside the outer suburbs which is a 1,000 hectare open-range sanctuary undertaking a major role nationally and internationally in breeding programs for rare and endangered species. This features the a drive through Cheetah habitat, Southern White Rhinoceri, one of the world's largest Giraffe herds and the largest revegetation project of it's kind. Adventurous safari bus and walking tours operate every day of the year, which are led by trained volunteer tour guides. It represents a unique blend of a conservation park, national park and zoological park and plays a major role nationally and internationally in the breeding programs for rare and endangered species. It is ideal for wildlife from Savannah grasslands and semi-arid habitats of Africa, Asia, South America and Australia. Two creeks run through the Park and flows are constant over the winter but dry in summer. The ground is saline and wetlands have been developed which have small ponds attracting native birdlife. Habitats range in size from 5 - 50 hectares of non-irrigated grasslands and groups of trees provide shelter for wildlife. Low visibility and low cost fence barriers are used. Dry moats may be used occasionally between exhibits enabling close contact of the animals without visible barriers. Development and management techniques for low intensity energy minimise the running costs of the project.
The landscape is not irrigated which minimises water consumption. Rainwater is collected in storage tanks.

Both zoos are surrounded by an international standard quarantine and vermin-proof fence. Basilica Zoo and its satellite are owned and operated by Basilica City.

39 - Da Vinci Museum
The concept of a Basilica Museum originated in order to satisfy the intellectual pursuits of the city's inhabitants in such areas as literature, arts, history and natural science. As such it was named after Da Vinci who was involved in each of these fields. Da Vinci offers visitors seven floors of exhibits above ground and three floors below. There are exhibitions and displays from every country on earth which together reflect the combined history of humanity, animal and plant life.
Museum visitors can bring specimens for identification. The Museum is a custodian for the city’s cultural and natural heritage.

And then there's the 'Discovery Wing' which contains supposedly magical swords and relics from ancient times. Everything from old suits of armour, to crystal swords, to scrolls describing lost magic in dead languages can be found here. And as such the museum is well protected by a private security force, an in-house sorcerer and various wards placed to prevent ghostly entry. The guards rotate shifts between here and the library.

40 - Mary Magdalene Women's and Children's Hospital
Mary Magdalene Hospital provides state of the art health care for women and children in Basilica City. Each year more than 75,000 people are admitted and around 9000 babies are born at the Hospital. In addition around 350,000 people come to the Hospital as outpatients.
The Hospital has a 300 bed Obstetric Unit, a 150 bed Intensive/Special Care Nursery and a 450 bed Child and Adolescent Unit.
It also undertakes groundbreaking research in many fields including cytogenetics, immunology and lysosomal storage disorders.
The education of health professionals provides an essential foundation for the future of women's and children's health. As one of the city's major teaching hospitals, it works with all the colleges in the training of hundreds of health professionals each year. The hospital also attracts many overseas health professionals seeking to upgrade their skills and qualifications.
41 - Library of Alexandria
Yes, that library. Built in the third century BC in Alexandria, Egypt it was at its time the largest library in the world. The library was partially destroyed and rebuilt on at least four occasions; Julius Caesar's Fire in the Alexandrian War in 48 BC, the attack of Aurelian in the third century AD, the decree of Theophilus in 391 AD and the Muslim conquest in 642 AD. It was after the Muslim conquest that something ancient and powerful was released which caused the library to disappear. It reappeared in 1999 in its current location in Basilica City.

The Library comprises a Peripatos walk, gardens, a room for shared dining, reading rooms, lecture halls, meeting rooms, an acquisitions department, and a cataloguing department. The main hall contains shelves filled with collections of ancient scrolls now locked behind reinforced glass displays (one of many modern features added after the library came to Basilica). These are only available for study to famous scholars and then only the ones who can afford the exorbitant fee. Carved into the wall above the shelves, a famous inscription read: The place of the cure of the soul.

The other rooms were discovered empty and have since been filled with maps, prints, and other documents and works of art on various storage media such as microfilm/microfiche, audio tapes, CDs, LPs, cassettes, videotapes, and DVDs. The library also provides public facilities to access CD-ROMs, subscription databases, and the Internet. In effect it now fully resembles any other modern library, aside from the ancient architecture.. and those damn ghosts..

The basement contains ancient texts in Espruar, Dethek and Stygian. The Stygian manuscripts are now avoided after the first two scholars went insane after deciphering them. Of course they remain of great interest to evil cults.

The library is protected by the same guards, mages and wards as the museum.

42 - G.I. Luv Money Casino
George Irwin Luv owns this mega casino which offers more than 7,000 slot machines, 400 tables for 17 different types of table games, the world's largest bingo hall and venues for betting on any sport around the world. There are accommodations of 1500 guest rooms and suites and 30 conference rooms. Entertainment wise the casino offers championship fights, lounges, theatres, cinemas and concerts. Finally there are over 150 different food outlets in the food court as well as the casino's own restaurant.
43 - Plato Technical College
Plato caters its services to those looking for their first job, a promotion or a career change, or wanting extra knowledge and skills. The programs are delivered flexibly – online, by distance, face-to-face, or by a combination of methods.

The following courses are offered;
Acting, Dance Performance, Visual Arts and Contemporary Craft, Opal Cutting and Polishing, Jewellery, Media Arts, Arts Administration, Construction and Manufacturing of Live Production, Theatre and Events, Costume for Performance, Stage Management, CGI and Visual Effects, Film and Television Production, Applied Fashion Design and Technology, Custom Made Footwear, Screen and Media Game Artist, Advertising and Graphic Design, Interactive Digital Media, Interactive Digital Design, Music, Sound Production, Photography Commercial, Printing and Graphic Arts Digital Production, Visual Merchandising, Writing, Building and Construction, Building and Construction Estimating, Building and Construction Site Management, Residential Drafting, Building Design and Technology, Furnishing, General Construction (Specialising in Wood Trades - Carpentry, Furnishing and Joinery), Furnishing (Specialising in Cabinet Making), Furnishing (Specialising in Floor Covering), Furniture Design and Technology, Interior Decoration, Pre-Apprentices in Mortar Trowel Trades, Painting and Decorating, Signwriting and Plumbing, Financial Services, Accounts Clerical, Accounting, Banking, Floristry, Business Administration (Legal), Local Government, Police Studies, Legal Services, Business (Governance), Government (Statutory Compliance), Government (Investigation), Government (Regulatory Services), Government (Planning), Local Government Justice Studies, Government (Investigation), Local Government Administration, Justice Administration, Business, Business Administration, Frontline Management, Human Resources, International Trade, Project Management, Human Resources Management, International Business, Management (Human Resources), Purchasing, Conveyancing, Property Services (Real Estate), Property Services (Agency Management), Financial Services (Conveyancing), Retail, Retail Management, Advertising, Business Sales, Marketing, Security Operations, Investigative Services, Small Business Management, Spatial Information Services, Surveying, Occupational Health and Safety, Occupational Health and Safety, Computing and Information Technology, Children's Services, Health Support Services, Community Health: Food Services, Active Volunteering, Family Wellbeing, Community Services, Aged Care, Home and Community Care, Disability, Alcohol and Other Drugs, Mental Health, Leisure and Health, Community Development, Community Services Advocacy, Pastoral Care, Child, Youth and Family Intervention (Family support), Youth Work, Youth Justice, Community Services (Information, Advice and Referral), Volunteer Program Coordination, Assistant in Nursing, Dental Assisting, Allied Health Assistance, Nutrition and Dietetic Assistance, Aromatherapy, Massage Therapy Practice, Nursing (Enrolled), Dental Technology, Remedial Massage, Reflexology, Oral Health (Dental Hygiene), Library/Information Services, Air Conditioning, Air-conditioning Split Systems, Renewable Energy, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning - Technology, Electronic Engineering, Computer Assembly and Repair, Data and Voice Communications, Security Assembly and Setup, Computer Systems Equipment, Electronics and Communications, Computer Systems Engineering, Electronics and Communications Engineering, Engineering Drafting, Engineering Design, Engineering (Fabrication & Mechanical), Resource and Infrastructure Operations, Metalliferous Mining Operations (Open Cut), Metalliferous Mining Operations (Processing), Mining Exploration, Geoscience, Ship Builders, Nail Technology and Makeup Services, Beauty Services, Hairdressing, Trichologists, Food Technologists, Meat Processing, Wine Industry Workers, Hospitality, Tourism, Events and Languages, Bakers and Pastry Cooks, Food Processing, Hospitality (Patisserie), Caravan Park Operations, Hospitality (Kitchen Operations), Hospitality (Commercial Cookery), Events, Interpreting, Agriculture, Irrigation, Shearing, Wool Handling, Veterinary Nurse Assistant, Animal Studies, Companion Animal Services, Veterinary Nursing, Seafood Industry (Aquaculture), Conservation and Land Management, Racing (Stablehand), Racing (Trackrider), Racing (Racehorse Trainer), Horticulture, Garden Design, Sampling and Measurement, Laboratory Skills, Rural Business Workers, Recreation and Sport, Transport Engineering, Automotive and Engineering, Aviation Industry, Literacy, Numeracy and Preparatory Studies, and Sign Language.

44 - Nemo Boat Tours
Located in Basilica river is the Nemo submarine boat ride. Through  portholes guests are able to view the underwater environment including a coral reef, a forest of seaweed, some ancient ruins, a giant stone head, giant clams slowly opening and closing, a graveyard of sunken ships, rows of jellyfish, mermaids and a gigantic sea serpent. The submarine has 50 seats and flotation devices along with toilet facilities. The sub has a solar powered engine. It runs more frequently during school holidays.
45 - White Wolf Banking
This is the only known bank of the supernatural world and it is operated primarily by goblins. Goblins are extremely greedy and will protect their money and valuables at any cost, which makes them ideal guardians for the valuables of this community. Most vaults simply use enchanted keys. Higher security vaults may have various wards upon the doors. Summoned entities guard the especially high security vaults found in the lowest reaches of the bank, and most of them arent happy about it. Humans are also employed but only as tellers for the purpose of interacting with customers, goblins having low social skills and all.
46 - Challengers of the Fantastic HQ
Originally designed as a high-rise industrial site to accommodate pulp recycling machinery, each floor height is 24 feet. The building's steel frame construction utilized the first application of "K bracing" in the world and is one of the strongest structures of its kind. The redesign of the headquarters of the Challengers is along strictly utilitarian lines, except for apartments and public areas. All aspects of the design are constantly being improved, including security. For example, windows are 2 ft thick composites of various glasses and plastics which are mirrored on the outside. Solid, armoured, exterior walls are also mirror-clad and are indistinguishable from transparent sections. The building's outer walls and windows are constructed of advanced carbon-fibre composites, said to be nearly comparable in strength to diamond. The building has complete living, eating and recreation quarters along with a large garage.
47 - Shakespeare Theatre
Apparitions in the corridors of the Royal Theatre are well known to staff and visitors who have grown accustomed to the three resident ghosts including that of a former director who fell to his death from the balcony outside the dress circle in 1907. There are also regular sightings of an elderly man walking into the ladies toilets. 
The Theatre's most famous ghost is dressed in 18th Century evening dress with feathers in her hair. She has no colour, her whole figure appears as grey. At times she appears solid although sometimes as a wispy, smoky figure. When alive she fell madly in love with an actor at the theatre and spent all her time watching him from the top box. As her love was unrequited she hung herself behind a door at the theatre's own pub. 
The Phantom Doorman appears dressed in 19th Century clothes and nothing is known about him, other than the fact that he must have once worked as a doorman at the theatre. 
The whole surrounding area is infested with poltergeists and ghosts. The theatre is sandwiched between two houses, both of which are haunted by mysterious figures and happenings. 
48 - Ark Bar and Noahs Club
The Ark is a bar which also boasts different entertainment each night such as comedians, go-go dancers, floor shows and strippers. At the top of the Ark Bar is Noah's. It has 7 dance floors with different music played in each including a DJ booth playing recorded dance and pop music, live bands, heavy metal, garage, Hip-Hop, salsa, blues, etc. Some vampires are rumoured to visit here.
49 - Basilica City Hall

The steps of City Hall frequently provide a backdrop for political demonstrations and press conferences concerning city politics. Official city receptions are held here along with bill-signing and citizenship ceremonies. Fencing surrounds the building's perimeter, with a strong security presence by the Basilica Police Department. Public access to the building is restricted to tours and to those with specific business appointments.

50 - Rose Foundation
Rose has a branch here.
51 - Moorcock's Menagerie
This is a pet shop which sells more unusual creatures as well as advice on their care and health. The shop is very cramped, noisy and smelly, due to every inch being covered with cages. This would be a good place to find a familiar.
52 - Bizarre Bazaar
A massive (500 square metres) indoor flea market where anyone can set up a stall (for a small fee) and trade their wares. The items most often sold includes  stereos, TVs, VCRs and videos, DVD players and movies, computers and parts, white goods, confectionary, food, bottled and canned drinks, tattoo artists, pharmacy drugs, hand weapons (heavy weapons maybe available but not openly), stationery, books, comics, magazines, games, vehicles, legal  pornography, toys, statues, bric a brac, clothes, furniture, etc. Payment is in cash, or via a credit transfer utilising the Wlan outlet located inside. The Bazaar operates from 7am-7pm, Friday to Sunday (although each vendor will turn up when they feel like it). 

There are a few rules: 
No destruction of property within the Bazaar.
No interfering with trade or transactions.
No weapons can be brought in. Any purchased within must remain unloaded.
No fighting allowed. Any responsible will be handed over to the police.
The Bazaar is policed by an internal security force of 6, armed with tasers and truncheons. They are in constant communication with the security centre and each other. In the case of a major battle erupting they can return to the centre and retrieve Uzi's and shotguns.

53 - Add your own
54 - Add your own Hospital
55 - Trott's Racecourse

This 60,000 square metre racecourse lies on the edge of the CBD. The main racecourse has two separate courses alongside each other, the Old Course and the New Course. The New Course has a tricky downhill fence and a longer run-in for steeplechases than the Old Course. Hurdle races over 1 kilometre on the New Course also have a slight peculiarity in that most of the hurdles are jumped early on in the race with only two hurdles being jumped in the last seven furlongs. There is also a cross country course which is laid out inside the main racecourse and is used for cross country steeplechases. The Racecourse features the following facilities, areas and amenities: several stands around each track, a parade ring and winners enclosure, 2 patron bars on opposite ends, a bar exclusively for owners and trainers, an administration office and weighing room, a first aid room, a pre-parade ring and saddling-up area, stables, a cafe, a betting counter and a parking area.

56 - M.S.I. Research Labs
M.S.I. has a division here.
57 - Chinatown
Two large and impressive Paifang erected by the city council and guarded by Imperial guardian lions donated by the People's Republic of China, mark the entrances at either end. Basilica's Chinatown consists mainly of restaurants, grocery stores and markets which cater to all sections of the public. The buildings incorporate ornamental structures reflecting China’s ancient Tang Dynasty with streets signed in both Chinese characters and English. Although originally all the businesses were Chinese, there are now also many Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Thai and Pilipino stalls and shops. Chinatown mall is also a place of year-round activity hosting festivals, events, touring musicians and dance troupes from Asia. It also contains within it the multicultural food court with over 120 eateries within representing nearly every country in the world. The mall was recently used in a scene in the new Jackie Chan movie.
58 - St Peters Cathedral
59 - Searchers Inc
Searchers Inc specialise in finding the unfindable, including people, objects and information.
By accessing local and national databases, missing and lost persons are quickly located anywhere throughout the world. Thanks to international contacts and qualified agents, they can quickly locate even the hardest to find individuals, with the majority of searches being completed within 72 hours. Their staff have spent many years in foreign countries and have a solid understanding of the various database and records systems, along with other issues.
Searchers Inc can also obtain a wide variety of information for companies and private citizens, alike. Common requests are financial statements, hidden assets, telephone tracing, screen name identification, electricity and utility records. 
Costs: $50 per hour if within the city. Additional expenses if the search is overseas.
60 - Freedom Squadron Mansion
Freedom Squadron have their headquarters here.
61 - Daily Chronicle
The Daily Chronicle was founded in 1891 and has been published daily ever since in tabloid format. The office complex is six stories tall, and is capped by the Daily Chronicle logo on the roof. There are loading docks in the rear of the building, reached by a back alley. Three floors are devoted to the editorial office of the Bugle and two sub-basement levels to the printing presses, while the rest of the floors are rented. The newspaper is noted for its exposes of political corruption and organized crime in the city, and also takes a strong stance in favour of mutant rights, which has led to its being targeted by various criminals and hate groups.
62 - Add your own
63 - Forbidden Palace

This was the Chinese imperial palace from the Ming Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty. It was located in the middle of Beijing but a year ago it disappeared only to reappear in Basilica City a month later. No spectacular light show, one morning it was just there. Sort of. A  compacted version of the walls physically exist in our dimension, the real Palace exists in another pocket dimension all together accessible only via the various gates of which there is one on each wall. From outside the view of the Palace is constantly shimmering and changing. The Chinese government is of course far from happy about this.

Built from 1406 to 1420 the complex consists of 980 surviving buildings with 8,707 bays of rooms and covers 720,000 square metres. It is a rectangle 961 metres from north to south and 753 metres from east to west. The Palace is surrounded by a 7.9 metre high city wall and a six metre deep, 52 metre wide moat. The walls are 8.62 metres wide at the base, tapering to 6.66 metres at the top. These walls served as both defensive walls and retaining walls for the palace. They were constructed with a rammed earth core and surfaced with three layers of specially baked bricks on both sides with the interstices filled with mortar. At the four corners of the wall sit towers with intricate roofs boasting 72 ridges, reproducing the Pavilion of Prince Teng and the Yellow Crane Pavilion as they appeared in Song Dynasty paintings. These towers are the most visible parts of the palace to commoners outside the walls. The wall is pierced by a gate on each side. At the southern end is the main Meridian Gate. To the north is the Gate of Divine Might. The east and west gates are called the "East Glorious Gate" and "West Glorious Gate". All gates are decorated with a nine-by-nine array of golden door nail, except for the East Glorious Gate which has only eight rows. The Meridian Gate has two protruding wings forming three sides of a square before it. The gate has five gateways. The central gateway is part of the Imperial Way, a stone flagged path that forms the central axis of the Forbidden Palace.
The Palace is divided into two parts. The Outer Court or Front Court includes the southern sections and was used for ceremonial purposes. The Inner Court or Back Palace includes the northern sections and was the residence of the Emperor and his family and was used for day-to-day affairs of state. Entering from the Meridian Gate one encounters a large square pierced by the meandering Inner Golden Water River which is crossed by five bridges. Beyond the square stands the Gate of Supreme Harmony. Behind that is the Hall of Supreme Harmony Square. A three tiered white marble terrace rises from this square. Three halls stand on top of this terrace, the focus of the palace complex. From the south these are the Hall of Supreme Harmony, the Hall of Central Harmony and the Hall of Preserving Harmony.

The Hall of Supreme Harmony is the largest and rises some 30 metres above the level of the surrounding square. It is the ceremonial centre of imperial power and is nine bays wide and five bays deep. Set into the ceiling at the centre of the hall is an intricate caisson decorated with a coiled dragon from the mouth of which issues a chandelier-like set of metal balls called the "Xuanyuan Mirror". The Hall of Central Harmony is a smaller, square hall which was used by the Emperor to prepare and rest before and during ceremonies. Behind it the Hall of Preserving Harmony was used for rehearsing ceremonies and was also the site of the final stage of the Imperial examination. All three halls feature imperial thrones, the largest and most elaborate one being that in the Hall of Supreme Harmony. At the centre of the ramps leading up to the terraces from the northern and southern sides are ceremonial ramps, part of the Imperial Way featuring elaborate and symbolic bas-relief carvings. In the south west and south east of the Outer Court are the halls of Military Eminence and Literary Glory. The former was used at various times for the Emperor to receive ministers and hold court and later housed the Palace's own printing house. The latter was used for ceremonial lectures by highly regarded Confucian scholars and later became the office of the Grand Secretariat. A copy of the Siku Quanshu is stored there. To the north-east are the Southern Three Places which was the residence of the Crown Prince.

The Inner Court is separated from the Outer Court by an oblong courtyard lying orthogonal to the City's main axis. It was the home of the Emperor and his family. The Palace of Heavenly Purity at the centre of the Inner Court is another set of three halls. From the south these are the Palace of Heavenly Purity, Hall of Union and the Palace of Earthly Tranquility. The Emperor representing Yang and the Heavens would occupy the Palace of Heavenly Purity. The Empress representing Yin and the Earth would occupy the Palace of Earthly Tranquility. In between them was the Hall of Union where the Yin and Yang mixed to produce harmony. The Palace of Heavenly Purity is a double-eaved building and set on a single-level white marble platform. It is connected to the Gate of Heavenly Purity to its south by a raised walkway. Stored here are the twenty-five Imperial Seals of the Qing Dynasty as well as other ceremonial items. Behind these three halls lies the Imperial Garden. To the north of the garden is the Gate of Divine Might, the north gate of the palace. Distributed to the east and west of the three main halls are a series of self-contained courtyards and minor palaces where the Emperor's concubines and children lived. Directly to the west is the Hall of Mental Cultivation. The north-eastern section of the Inner Court is taken up by the Palace of Tranquil Longevity a complex built by the Qianlong Emperor in anticipation of his retirement. It mirrors the set-up of the Forbidden City proper and features an outer court, an inner court, and gardens and temples. The Palace is surrounded on three sides by imperial gardens. To the north is Jingshan Park also known as Prospect Hill, an artificial hill created from the soil excavated to build the moat and from nearby lakes. To the west lies Zhongnanhai a garden centred on two connected lakes and to the north-west lies Beihai Park also centred on a lake connected to the southern two.

The Palace Museum holds 340,000 pieces of ceramics and porcelain. These include imperial collections from the Tang Dynasty and the Song Dynasty as well as pieces commissioned by the Palace. It holds close to 50,000 paintings. Of these, more than 400 date from before the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368). The Palace Museum's bronze collection dates from the early Shang Dynasty (founded c. 1766 BC). Of the almost 10,000 pieces held, about 1,600 are inscribed items from the pre-Qin period (to 221 BC). A significant part of the collection is ceremonial bronzeware from the imperial court. The Palace Museum has one of the largest collections of mechanical timepieces of the 18th and 19th centuries in the world with more than 1,000 pieces. The collection contains both Chinese and foreign made pieces, the largest from Britain. Jade has a unique place including some 30,000 pieces.

Naturally the Palace has become a major tourist attraction and the gardens are used by many people for picnics and weddings. It is staffed by a hundred regular staff and two curators who work from shortly after sunrise to just before sunset. Every so often someone tries to get in overnight, they are never seen again.

64 - Add your own
65 - Basilica Broadcasting Service Channel

The Basilica Broadcasting Service Channel commonly referred to as the BBSC is the city's main broadcaster and owned by the government. It provides television, radio, online and mobile services throughout the metropolitan and regional area as well as overseas through the Basilica Satellite Network. It shows an even amount of local and foreign content.

66 - Add your own
67 - Add your own
68 - St Philips Welfare Centre
This local welfare centre was established by the local Catholic Church in 1897 with the primary mission of helping the poor and less fortunate.  The centre has taken Saint Philip the fifth apostle as its patron. It is composed of Catholic volunteers who dedicate their time and resources to help those in need in their community. Non-Catholics may join with the understanding that the society is a Catholic organization.
The centre uses the following mission statement;

"This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us.
So, we also ought to lay down our lives for others."
(1 John 3:16)

Members work in disadvantaged communities with children, their siblings and their parents to help build stronger, more resilient families and to create opportunities for change. Assist families in developing new skills for managing conflict and crises. Work with local communities to support families and children. Support grandparents who have primary care of their grandchildren. Offer services that prevent homelessness from occurring such as mental health support, financial counselling, literacy support, and family and individual support. Provide crisis and transitional accommodation when homelessness does occur. Assist young people to overcome drug and alcohol dependency, and avoid anti-social behaviour.
Intervene early to assist young people at risk of homelessness or family breakdown. Assist young people to stay at or re-enter school, take up other education opportunities or engage in training and employment.
Work with young people to build their self-esteem and help them become more resilient.

69 - Archangel Airport
Archangel Airport has four terminals and is open 24 hours. The main terminals 1 and 2 are connected by an underground walkway while a free shuttle bus runs between the main terminals and the smaller international terminals every five minutes. The airport has a special VIP terminal and two parking spots for private aircraft. This area is often used by foreign heads of state visiting Basilica as well as aircraft carrying government officials. The Basilica Police have historically conducted heightened security measures, including ID checks of visibly foreign passengers, during times when the airport is being used for state visits.
Archangel Airport is served by the passenger railway service and freight rail, both of which run through the airport. There are four runways with an ultimate capacity of over 80 aircraft movements an hour. At present there are 60 frontal stands, 40 remote stands and 30 cargo stands. Seven parking bays at the west Concourse are already capable of accommodating the arrivals of the next generation of aircraft.
70 - Tomorrow Corporation plus spaceport

The Tomorrow Corporation has a branch here which is also the site of their first spaceport. It is used for the launching (or receiving) of spacecraft into orbit around Earth or on interplanetary trajectories. It includes a tracking station, storage facilities, vehicle construction buildings, emergency vehicles and other forms of aircraft. There are three launch complexes, all well-separated for safety reasons. One of the launch areas is a runway for the takeoff and landing of spacecraft equipped with wings. There is also a museum with an IMAX theatres and a range of bus tours allowing visitors a closer look at various restricted areas that would otherwise not be possible.

71 - Hippiville
“Hippieville” is the unofficial name given to an area that has become a haven for artists seeking low rent and an artistic community. A lot of trendy bars have sprung up in this area and there is a very active music scene. It has become a meeting place for different artistic styles and a major tourist attraction in its own right.
72 - Add your own
73 - Dodgy Brothers Pawnshop
This is a small pawn shop run by 2 friendly brothers who aren't too concerned about where their stock comes from. Their stock includes everything from the common to the unusual, from Atari cartridge games to M60s. Above the shop is their apartment which is sometimes used for somewhat less legal transactions. Despite being normal humans the Dodgy brothers are always well armed and well skilled in the use of their weapons.
74 - (No) Mercy Hospital
No Mercy Hospital was so named by the inhabitants of the Slums due to its policy of no money, no service. This hospital has state of the art medical equipment supplied by Metatech. As a result only the middle to upper classes can afford health care here. No Mercy boasts 20 standard operating theatres, 5 ERs and 2 special theatres dedicated to bionic transplants and bionic reconstruction. M.S.I. has its own disease research facility within the hospital, in return for which they share all their findings with No Mercy.
75 - Hokey's Harem
A house of ill repute with female mutant prostitutes who cater to any taste. It is extremely popular but expensive due to its exoticness (Bugger for instance can assume the likeness of any female desired). The staff include; 
Harry Horatio Hokey (owner) - Enhanced CHA, Emission Fart
Bugger All - Enhanced DEX, Shapeshift 
Flying F**k - Enhanced CHA, Flight Winged
Jolly Roger - Empathic, Enhanced CHA
Merry Christmas - Enhanced CHA, Emission Ice
Pussy Galore - Metamorph Animal, Enhanced CHA
76 - Zosimus's Thaumaturgy
A rare and magical apothecary filled with spells and magical item. The owner insists everyone call him Lord Zosimus and claims to be an Atlantean from before the ice age. Both stage magicians and true mages worldwide have been buying their magic supplies from him since 1969. He was one of the first to capitalise with the internet and now has thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. A wide variety of magical paraphernalia is available including candles, crystal balls, and potions, along with rarer magical items such as arcane equipment and weapons. If you can afford it.
77 - Roadbusters
When it absolutely, positively, has to be there, NOW! Urusei Tanaka is your man...if you can afford his rates. Born in Japan, Urusei used his extraordinary driving skills to great (and profitable) use by acting as a courier and driver, for whomever could pay. Eventually after some *issues* with the Japanese police Urusei moved to Millennium city, and opened up shop here. Urusei's primary skills include all driving skills at maximum rating (including race car), offensive driving, is good with a knife and deadly accurate with a pistol.

The Roadbuster is a completely customized vehicle, based on a Porsche chassis and a Corvette Stingray '71 engine block. It's only really unique equipment are the retractable wheel spikes. Roadbuster is covered in 5mm battleship steel armour plate, with windows that are composed of bullet-proof glass. It also boasts both four wheel drive and four wheel steering, with a top speed of over 300kph, with engine performance in excess of 730 horsepower. It gets lousy mileage; that, coupled with the fact that the estimated cost to build it was about one million dollars is one reason Urusei's rates are so high.

78 - Motorhead Autos
This is a combined large second hand auto dealership and parts store with a wrecking yard out the back. The yard supplies the parts sold in the store. Customers can also for a small fee help themselves to anything in the yard.
79 - Bodyworks
One of the more controversial laws passed recently in Millennium city was to allow people to sell their own organs and limbs. The Body Works specialize in buying, harvesting and reselling limbs and organs to hospitals. There are rumours that the Body Works also retrieves what they need from the victims of gangland fights. 

Costs are:
Arm or leg - $10,000
Hand or foot - $5000
Heart - $50,000
Any other organ - $20,000
Metahuman organ or limb - cost x2
Mystical or alien organ or limb - cost x4

80 - Hand and Foot Dojo
Publicly the International Hand and Foot Dojo offers powerful and effective self defence and fitness skills to men, women and children.
Its reputation for teaching is world renowned and has opened only a few months ago in Basilica City. Students range from four years old to their mid-seventies and represent a broad spectrum of the community from students to business professionals. Its casual and full time courses are supplemented by specialty classes in fitness, relaxation, sparring and street defence. The Dojo has just begun conducting training packages for the police and military.

In reality this is a front for the Shinobi Juhakkei organisation which has just begin criminal operations in Basilica City.

81 - Metatech Waste Treatment Plant
Metatech own the plant here which is charged with sewage treatment, the process of removing contaminants from wastewater and household sewage, both runoff (effluents) and domestic. It includes physical, chemical, and biological processes to remove physical, chemical and biological contaminants. Its objective is to produce a waste stream (or treated effluent) and a solid waste or sludge suitable for discharge or reuse back into the environment. However the material is often inadvertently contaminated with many toxic organic and inorganic compounds. Primary treatment consists of temporarily holding the sewage in a quiescent basin where heavy solids can settle to the bottom while oil, grease and lighter solids float to the surface. The settled and floating materials are removed and the remaining liquid may be discharged or subjected to secondary treatment. Secondary treatment removes dissolved and suspended biological matter. Secondary treatment is performed by indigenous, water-borne micro-organisms in a managed habitat. Tertiary treatment then chemically disinfects the treated water prior to discharge as irrigation for the golf course.

Of course Metatech being what they are allow for the disposal of a great many items, legal or otherwise for the right price. The plant is frequently attacked by an ethereal vigilante known as the Wraith leading to speculation as to what else has been dumped there. And then theres that swamp monster who also seems to have a grudge against the treatment plant..

82 - Church of Enlightenment
The church has a division here.
83 - Hellsgate Jail
While each police station has its own holding cells, the city has only one prison. In recent years there has been much debate in the city over the privatization of their prison system. The argument for privatization stresses cost reduction, whereas the arguments against it focus on standards of care, and the question of whether a market economy for prisons might not also lead to a market demand for prisoners (that is a strong lobby for ever tougher sentencing to satisfy the need for cheap labour). Prison conditions are problematic, with prisoner violence and rape wide spread, and medical care for inmates inadequate. Hellsgate out sources medical care to other private companies which try to minimize the amount of care given to prisoners in order to maximize profits.
The average murderer is sentenced 20 years to life, but due to overcrowding in the prison system he serves only 7 years of real time. Other criminals also have sentences cut in half or down to one third the original sentence. This overcrowding problem was caused by previous administration's belief that it would be cheaper to have all the criminals in one super prison rather than spread out all over the city. From a humanitarian viewpoint there should only be one inmate per cell to prevent in-cell beatings, killings and rape. Now due to gross overcrowding whenever a new prisoner is interred, a criminal must be released in order to make room. Consequently prisoners of all kinds are let out of prison early. Gang violence has recently become a major problem, since many gang members retain their affiliations when incarcerated. Private companies which provide services to the prison  have recently begun combining their resources to lobby the city council on legislation which is favourable to their industry.
The prison is one square kilometre in diametre with 3 levels below ground and 9 levels above. Other than that the prison layout is very similar to most others in the U.S.
84 - St Bartholomew Oval
85 - Serenity Park
Established when Basilica was first built this botanical garden covers approximately 7.6 square kilometres and is within walking distance of the city centre. It features glorious green landscapes, avenues of mature trees, wisteria arbors, a Sacred Lotus pond, a unique Victorian Palm House and the internationally acclaimed Conservatory for tropical plants. Several walking trails reveal stunning massed displays of Magnolias, Rhododendrons, Camellias, Lilacs and a rich collection of ferns under a canopy of stringy barks.
The Palm or tropical house is a Victorian glasshouse located to the west of the main lake. Roses are planted in groups such as Noisette Roses, Bourbon Roses, Tea Roses, Ramblers, and Perpetual Roses. The conservatory was constructed in 1937 and is 150 metres long, 60 metres  wide and 35 metres high making it the largest single span conservatory in the southern hemisphere. The conservatory houses at risk or endangered tropical rainforest plants from Australia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and south Pacific Islands. Ducks, pigeons and swans are just some of the wildlife found within Serenity Park.

The aims of the gardens was to carry out research into the science of plants and related subjects and disseminate the results; provide advice, instruction and education in relation to botany; provide other plant related services including quarantine; care for the collections; keep the collections as national reference collections, secure and available for study; afford opportunities to the public to enter land managed by the Board for the purpose of gaining knowledge and enjoyment. Then the ley lines appeared in the park and the Parliament of Nature moved in.

Amongst the Parliament's representatives are the Greek Talking Elm (often given to joining in philosophical conversations), the Indian Tree of the Sun and the Moon (often predicts the future. In the daytime the tree speaks as a male and at night as a female), and an Oracular Tree (favoured by Druids). These living trees, the Throne of Trees act as the Parliament’s voice and have taken to training Geomancers, Mystics, Shaman, Warlocks and Wicca. Officials once attempted to defoliate the area but after the first retaliatory earthquake was sent through the city they took a more conciliatory approach. The gardens also serve as a sanctuary for those trying to lay low, the only requirement being that no violence be perpetrated within otherwise the guilty party will be expelled.