Beyond Heroes Outpost 2


Alien Legion Culled from the dregs of the sentient races of three galaxies, and battle-hardened into a fighting corps.
Aliens 88 alien races for your invasion pleasure.
Basilica City A generic city for your superheroes to play in.
Dreadstar Welder of the Soul Sword.
Micronauts A universe bound by the Enigma force, ruled by an evil tyrant, and opposed by heroic rebels.
Marvel Heroes  
DC Heroes  
Our Universe A layman's guide to the universe and what we know about the stars and planets.
Roman Era Earth A map of the known world in the Roman era.
Strikeforce Morituri As earth is invaded by the alien Horde, its last chance are the volunteers who become the superhuman Strikeforce Morituri. There's just one catch. The powers are incompatible with human physiology and will kill the recipients within a year..