The Kree are have created a vast empire in the Greater Magellanic Cloud. The Kree race began on the planet Hala in the Pama system long before the first mammals appeared on Earth. Although the Kree cannot breathe Earth's atmosphere without special apparatus, their denser bodies afford them about twice the average human being's strength and endurance. Despite their physical superiority and relatively advanced technology, the Kree race has reached the pinnacle of their evolutionary development having not significantly changed in any way in tens of thousands of years.

The Kree Empire extends across almost a thousand worlds in the northwestern lobe (Earth reference) of the Greater Magellanic Cloud. The Kree began their empire over a million years ago within a hundred years of the acquisition of interstellar technology from the then benevolent race of Skrulls. The Skrulls at the time were attempting to foster a galactic empire based on free trade and they landed on Hala to help the barbaric natives advance to the point where they could join. Finding that Hala boasted two equally intelligent lifeforms the humanoid Kree and the plant like Cotati, the Skrulls proposed a test to determine the worthier race. The Skrulls took an equal number of Kree and Cotati to a distant planetoid in another galaxy, Earth's moon and fashioning an artificial atmosphere in which to work bid the two groups to use their resources to create something of worth of the barren world. The Skrulls then departed. The Kree set about constructing a magnificent industrial city. The Cotati produced saplings and grew an equally magnificent garden. A year later the Skrulls returned and judged the Cotati's achievement worthier. Enraged the Kree leader Morag incited his fellows to slay the Skrulls and the Cotati and seize the Skrullian starship and its attendant technology. Mastering it within two generations the Kree launched an attack on the Skrull Empire and led the once peaceful Skrulls to become increasingly militaristic to repulse them. Thus the Kree-Skrull War began; a conflict that would last thousands of years. (The Earth's Watcher Uatu took possession of the Blue City on the moon as soon as the Kree abandoned it.)

Though Hala is the planet of the Kree's origin, the planet Kree-Lar in the Turunal system is the capital of the Kree Empire as well as the seat of the government. The permanent ruler is the organic computer construct called the Supremor or Supreme Intelligence, an immense computer system to which the preserved brains of the greatest intellects of the Kree race have been linked. Aiding the Supreme Intelligence is a number of imperial administrators on Kree-Lar, appointed governors of each of the memberworlds, and a vast standing space militia. The empire also employs powerful automatons called Sentries to keep member-worlds under surveillance.

Although Earth is in a different galaxy from the Kree Empire, the Kree have been aware of Earth for eons since it is near a natural space-warp access-point shown to them by the Skrulls. When the Kree-Skrull War began the Kree built a supply outpost on the planet Uranus, hoping to maintain a weapons base close to this strategic sight. Soon after the human race began, the Kree learned of humanity's vast genetic potential. Several hundred years before the star spanning Celestials had visited Earth and artificially evolved the advanced Eternal and Deviant sub-species.

When a small group of Eternals were exiled from Earth they happened upon the Kree outpost on Uranus, defeated the Sentry and raided the supply depot for the means to return to Earth. The Kree believing that the Skrulls had discovered the outpost sent an armada which overtook the crude spaceship fashioned by the Eternals to return to Earth. Destroying it the Kree took an Eternal alive for study. Kree scientists vivisected him and learned that he was human in genetic origin. These scientists petitioned their leaders to allow them to travel to Earth in order to perform their own experiments on the native human beings. The Supreme Intelligence granted them permission hoping they might develop a breed of super-soldiers to aid the Kree in their war effort against the Skrulls. The Kree scientists experimented on nascent humanity and created the highly-evolved sub-species that would one day be called the Inhumans. For unknown reasons the Kree administration dropped their immediate plans to use the Inhumans as militia although they would millennia later attempt to do so. The Kree did deposit a Sentry on Earth to monitor the Inhumans' progress and possible Skrull activity.

Species Name: Kree

Type: Humanoid

Physical Traits: 80% have blue skin, the remaining have pink skin due to interspecies mating

Height: 6 ft

Weight: 180 lbs

Mobility: Legs

Sensory Organs: Visual

Communication: Vocal

Reproduction: Sexual

INT: 3D6, WIS: 3D6, STR: 4D6, DEX: 3D6, CON: 4D6, CHA: 3D6, MR: 3D6, HPs: CON +D20

Orbit/Climate: 1 AU. Very stable, very elliptical orbit, gets hot and cold twice every local year.

Atmosphere: Standard and tainted Oxygen/Nitrogen with some contaminants

Oceans: 5%

Gravity: 140%

Feeding Habits: Omnivore

Lifespan: 90 years

Technology: 10

Culture: Xenophobic. Fearful of others, harsh but still some redeeming features.

Government: Military Dictatorship

Population: 1.5 billion


Home System:

Number of Stars: 1, Turunal

Star Type: K

Planetoid Belts: 3

Inner Planets: 6

Middle Planets: 1

Outer Planets: 4