Species Name: Sathar

Type: Humanoid Worm

Physical Traits: Sathar are long, worm-like creatures. Their bodies
are divided into segments, like an earthworm's. They do not have a skeleton. Instead, they support their bodies hydrostatically, by pumping liquid into the segments so they become hard. A shiny, clear slime coats their skin. A Sathar's head tapers toward its mouth, which is circular and ringed with teeth. Each of their two eyes has two pupils. Four tentacles, two on each side of the body, are arranged about 1 meter below the head. The first pair is slender and weak-looking, and about 1 meter long. These end in four smaller finger-like tentacles. The second pair of tentacles is stronger and about 1.2 meters long. Both of these
tentacles end in a paddle-like pad. This second pair is used for heavy lifting, while the smaller tentacles are used for fine work and for holding small weapons. The colour of Sathar skin varies from yellow to brown. The tentacles are the same as the body, but with a slight greenish tint. The underbelly is pale pink. A pattern of dots, speckles and stripes decorates the back of the head. These patterns are natural on some Sathar, but are tattoos on others.

Height: 7 ft

Weight: 200 lbs

Mobility: A Sathar moves by slithering across the ground with the first metre of its body raised. They also can coil like a snake, raising 1.5 metres of their bodies from the ground.

Sensory Organs: Visual. The Sathar's double pupils give it very wide angle vision. They can see objects in front of them and to both sides at the same time. They smell through two pits in front of their eyes. Their hearing, smell and taste is about the same as a Human's.

A Sathar can hypnotize a character by talking to him in a non-combat situation. The character must make a save; if he fails, he is hypnotized. A hypnotized character will think the Sathar is his friend, and will want to cooperate with it. He will see things the way the Sathar describes
them, if his other senses do not contradict what the Sathar tells him. (For example, a character would not believe that a fire was a pool of water). A Sathar can command a hypnotized person to do something
at a specific time, and to forget that he has been hypnotized until that time. For example, a character could be commanded to turn off a security system at midnight.

Communication: Vocal

Reproduction: Weeping Angels can procreate by looking into the eyes of a living creature and planting an image of themselves in the victim's mind. Eventually a new Weeping Angel will burst from the victim, killing it.

INT: 3D6, WIS: 3D6, STR: 5D6, DEX: 3D6, CON: 3D6, CHA: 3D6, MR: 4D6, HPs: CON +D10

Orbit/Climate: 1 AU. Very erratic, but circular orbit, temperature rises and cools every year by a few degrees.

Atmosphere: Standard and volatile Nitrogen/Carbon dioxide with volatiles and fierce winds.

Oceans: 45%

Gravity: 100%

Feeding Habits: Omnivore

Lifespan: 90 years

Technology: 9

Culture: The Sathar are a malevolent, truly malicious race with no redeeming qualities at all. All Sathar belong to military units called cadres. The markings on the back of the Sathar's head identify its cadre. Each cadre trains its members as soldiers from the time they are born. Sathar attack alien worlds because their military society would fall
apart if there was no enemy to fight.

Government: Military Dictatorship

Population: 56 billion


Home System:

Number of Stars: 2

Star Type: M

Planetoid Belts: 9

Inner Planets: 0

Middle Planets: 1

Outer Planets: 3