Weeping Angel


Weeping Angels are very nearly as old as the universe, but no one really knows where they come from. They resemble the stone angel statues that can be seen in some Christian cemeteries. When they are not being observed by another sentient being they can move very quickly and silently but when they sense they are being observed they become quantum locked, occupying a single position in space. In this state they are frozen and indestructible. They cannot suppress this reaction. If two Weeping Angels were to look at each other at the same time they would be trapped in stone form forever. To prevent this they often cover their eyes when freezing which makes them look like they are weeping.

The Weeping Angels possess additional abilities. They can drain electric lights by pointing at them, even when frozen. They have also exhibited the power to project themselves through images of themselves. They are also very physically strong, capable of snapping necks.

Species Name: Weeping Angel

Type: Humanoid Mineraloid

Physical Traits: Stone skin

Height: 6 ft

Weight: 300 lbs

Mobility: Legs

Sensory Organs: Visual

Communication: Angels cannot speak, but can speak through the voice of a person they kill by ripping out their brains and reanimating their minds. They use telepathy to communicate with each other.

Reproduction: Weeping Angels can procreate by looking into the eyes of a living creature and planting an image of themselves in the victim's mind. Eventually a new Weeping Angel will burst from the victim, killing it.

INT: 3D6, WIS: 3D6, STR: 5D6, DEX: 3D6, CON: 4D6, CHA: D6, MR: 6D6, HPs: CON +D20

Orbit/Climate: Unknown

Atmosphere: Unknown but they dont need to breathe.

Oceans: Unknown

Gravity: Unknown

Feeding Habits: Psychic energy of lifeforms

Lifespan: Unmeasured

Technology: Unknown

Culture: The Angels are a malevolent, truly malicious race with no redeeming qualities at all.

Government: Unknown

Population: Unknown


Home System:

Number of Stars: Unknown

Star Type: Unknown

Planetoid Belts: Unknown

Inner Planets: Unknown

Middle Planets: Unknown

Outer Planets: Unknown