There seems to be no single dominant design of spacecraft operated by the Horde. This is due to the fact that all of the ships have been stolen from the civilisations which they have plundered. A few significant facts can be set forth, however. The first is that the fleet is divided up into 2 groups: the warships in Earth orbit, and the remainder in Jovian orbit, where it is presumed that the majority of the Horde population lives (including the women and children). The smallest ships seem to be suborbital craft with no FTL capability; it is apparently standard procedure not to allow warp drives into the combat zone for fear of their capture. Hordian spacecraft have their controls modified to be quite simple, owing to the lack of technical expertise prevalent in the warrior class.

Each of the large warships have a retinue of smaller ships. Approximately twenty of these ships are in geosynchronous orbit around Earth. All of them are of substantial size. They apparently function as barracks and mass transport between earth and Jupiter orbit Mother ships. Atmospheric shuttles are mostly cargo area and engines. These ships are used for raiding, mass troop transport and shipping. 

Horde Home Ships

The largest ships seem to be the most alien, built on a scale that seems to have little to do with either Hordian or humanoid configurations. The Hordes know very little about these ships themselves beyond operating the drives and navigation equipment.


Suborbital Horde Ships

It must be emphasized that the Horde warriors are masterful combat pilots and extremely deadly in any confrontation.


The Vxx 199

A colony of living organisms, the VXX-199 exist in symbiosis with one another in a gigantic, living ship that roams the galaxy seeking nourishment. When a suitable race is located, the VXX-199 manipulate their culture from behind the scenes using genetic constructs. The goal is to create a unique social environment that creates psychic backlash in individuals that consumes them in a fiery explosion. Apparently there is a great amount of psychic energy discharged when this occurs, and it is this energy that nourishes the VXX-199. They arrived in Earth orbit to find the Horde laying siege to a suitable food source. The Horde attacked and were quickly decimated, and the remnants manipulated into crashing onto Mars so that they could be altered until they were ready to be Harvested. In the years between the Horde War and the events in Electric Undertow, the VXX-199 remained hidden behind the moon, biding their time.


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