The Original Micronauts

Prince Wayfinder        Yama, Dreamer, Agni and Kali

The Time Travellers


The Micronauts

Acroyear                  Biotron                              Bug


Cilicia                Devil                    Fireflyte

Huntaar                Jasmine     Marionette

Microtron                                 Nanotron

Pharoid       Rann, Arcturus        Slug


Allies of the Micronauts

Prince Aquon       Captain Universe   Princess Coral   Queen Esmera

Force Commander/  Margrace   Prince Peacock  Shadow Priests  Treefern
Prince Argon



Karza's Forces

Baron Karza      Chief Scientist          Dog soldiers


The G-men                                    Ampzilla               Antron

Battleaxe           Duchess           Centaurus               Dagon          

D'ark        Galactic Destroyer    Lobros                      Repto


Prince Shaitan      Warstaff


Other Enemies

Computrex      The Soul Survivours


Cast Guide

Acroyear, King

As king of the Acroyear race he opposed Karza's rule until being betrayed by his brother Shaitan and other rogues. En route to Prisonworld he was rescued by Bug but both were later recaptured and put in the Arena on Homeworld. There they teamed up with the recently returned Rann and Biotron and the rebel leader Marionette and Microtron. They escaped and had many adventures together killing Karza 3 times. Unfortunately on the second occasion Acroyear was branded a traitor by his people for using the Worldmind to defeat Karza and remained a pariah thereafter.


Appeared just after Karza's second return as a member of the Death Squad. On his third encounter with the Micronauts he was slain by Acroyear who used his sword to boil Ampzilla's blood in his veins.


The sixth member to join the Death Squad. He was slain in his first encounter with Rann.


Brother of Princess Coral. He was visited while a teenager by a Time Traveller, transformed into a merhuman and entrusted with the Oxios enigma key with the knowledge of part of the prophecy. When it came to pass he used the key to save his people by transforming them all into merhumans. Aquon and all the merpeople were slain during Karza's third reign when he used the Sunscope to vaporize all of Oceania.


Leader of the Deathsquad. Was eventually slain by the combined attacks of Fireflyte and Rann.

Belladona, Duchess

Well over 200 hundred years old, the longest naturally living person in Homeworld's history. She helped keep the aristocracy aligned with Karza. Argon later rewarded her by switching her body with that of Slug's but realising the monster she had aligned herself with she rescued Slug only for them both to be slain by him upon his second return.


Created 1000 years ago he became the roboid helmsman of the Homeworld Micro Ship Endeavour and companion to Commander Rann, with a telepathic link developing between them soon after their first encounter with the Time Travellers. He was slain by Dagon during Karza's first return but was later resurrected as the Bioship by the Soul Survivours and the sacrifice of Microtron and Nanotron. Eventually this form was also destroyed during an attack by the Entity.


One of many Kaliklakans forced to join a robber's roost in order to survive the harsh rule of Karza. While on a raid to the Colonial Governor's crop area he encountered Jasmine from a rival roost and the two immeadietly fell in love. They were discovered in the garden but escaped. Bug however was then turned over to the dog soldiers by his father. Eventually Bug escaped and soon after met up with Acroyear and later the Micronauts.

Captain Universe

Created by the Enigma force when Karza invaded earth and it was unable to follow directly. Its recipient was Captain Ray Coffin a retired NASA astronaut who used its powers to force Karza back to the Microverse. Its powers included flight, blinding glow, enhanced physical strength, the ability to project force bolts, and a limited ability to manipulate matter.


Founding member of the Death Squad. She was killed when Marionette broke her neck. 


Wife of Acroyear. She fought alongside him until he sacrificed the Worldmind to defeat Karza the second time. She then left to lead the Acroyear race elsewhere and give birth to his son.


A living computer encountered twice on earth by the Micronauts and supposedly destroyed each time. He was not seen again after his second death.

Coral, Princess 

Aquon's sister. She led a war against the merpeople due to her own bigotry and chose to exile herself once she realised her error. She later took up the fight against Karza during his third reign but was slain by him not long before his own death.

Cryolite Priests

Were discovered by Karza at some unknown point in the Primal Zone and recruited to resurrect Shaitan and Karza after their deaths. They were never seen again after Karza's second death.


Acroyear traitor who infiltrated the Micronauts and used his special death touch to assassinate Biotron. Soon after he attempted to kill a comatose Rann but was instead slain by Microtron.


Commander of the dog soldiers on Neversummer. She escaped but is presumed to have died with the rest of Karza's forces during the battle with the Entity.


Chief scientist to Karza during each of his reigns. He created the Bodybanks and personally oversaw all the genetic mutations that took place there including the Death Squad, Gmen and Huntaar. He was slain by the Entity. 


Joined the Micronauts during their quest for the 3 Enigma keys. He was always known for his gentle and playful nature until Fireflyte died at which point his true bestial nature began to come through. He was killed by one of the Soul Survivours but then underwent the chrysalis change and was transformed into the second Fireflyte.

Dog soldiers

Karza's military unit. They were often kidnapped as children to be converted into troops in the Bodybanks. Any lost limbs would be replaced at the same place.

Esmera, Queen

Queen of the Insectivorids on Kaliklak. She gave her life to kill Karza the second time using her suicide sting.

Esmera II, Queen

Was hatched during Karza's third reign. She remained on Kaliklak to drive off the rest of his forces.

Fireflyte I

Companion to Devil and a joined the Micronauts during the quest for the Enigma keys. She died using her song powers to defeat the demons who were trying to bring about the destruction of the Microverse and Earth. 

Fireflyte II

Formerly Devil. She then became companion to Rann and gave her life to help defeat Karza for the final time but again underwent the chrysalis change to emerge as a new Devil.

Force Commander

Brother of Marionette. Prince Argon was transformed in the Body Banks into a centaur. He was rescued by Slug and the two fell in love. He then became leader of the rebellion and was given the Force Commander armour using it to aid in Karza's overthrow. A post hypnotic command however caused Argon to later seek out and be transformed by the Cryolite Priests into Karza. Upon Karza's second death he reverted to his original form and became King Argon of Homeworld.
Soon after he started to become meglomaniac and eventually betrayed the Micronauts during their quest for the Enigma keys. Despite his attempts they saved the Microverse but in a mad vendetta he continued to hound  them. They finally returned for a showdown with Argon in the Arena whereupon he transformed once again into Karza this time being killed during the procedure.

Galactic Destroyer

The fifth member to join the Death Squad. He was killed by Marionette. There was a previous Galactic Destroyer encountered by Rann a few hundred years ago who was the last of his race.

The G-men

Appeared during the Micronauts battle on Prisonworld. Psuede, Grandslam and Liquidator were killed with only Butthead escaping. His fate remains unknown.


Ian 23 was genetically changed in the Bodybanks into his present form, that of a living weapon. He tried to kill the Micronauts twice unsuccessfully before finally being convinced by Marionette to join them.


Bug's girlfriend. She was slain by the Psychoman.

Baron Karza

Born 1030 years ago and the Chief Scientist of the time. He began the Micronaut Training Academy and personally tutored Arcturus Rann. In a specialist training flight (using glider vanes to fly over the open space of the Royal city) Karza slashed Rann's vanes causing him to plummet. Believing this to be some form of test Rann managed to save himself but remained suspicious.
Later that night Karza sent a squad of assassins to scale Rann's tower. Using his space glider uniform and training Rann was able to kill them all. His father being impressed by this act ordered to Karza to make his son the first micronaut. Rann left soon after on a 1000 year exploratory mission of the microverse.
Not long after Rann left Karza made a failed coup attempt and was forced to flee. His skimmer crashed in the Sandzone and he was rescued by the Aegyptians. He studied their ancient magics and used it to transfer his mind into a special suit of armour he had built himself.
He then slew all the Aegyptians he could find (though many escaped) and returned to First Zone where he killed the royal family and took control of Homeworld. Over the next few hundreds of years he extended his rule to the rest of the known worlds.
1000 years later Rann returned and eventually was able to tap into the Enigma force to slay Karza. He returned through the magics of the Cryolite priests and was able to neutralize the Enigma force. However he was betrayed by Shaitan and slain through a combination of Queen Esmera's suicide sting and Acroyear's use of the Worldmind.
Some months later he returned again and slew most of the Micronauts along with the entire rebellion. He might have won this time had it not been for the appearance of the Entity which required Karza to team up with the Micronauts to save the Microverse. This left him with almost no forces after the battle. He was then slain by the Micronauts for the final time.


A founding member of the Death Squad. He was killed after Bug sliced him open with a sword.


Leader of the rebellion in Sandzone. He helped raise Pharoid before turning the leadership over to him. He was slain by Karza when he came back for the third time.


Argon's sister. Along with her tutor Microtron she rescued Rann, Bug and Acroyear from the Arena. She and Rann fell in love for a while but eventually drifted apart. She assisted in the defeat of Karza each time.


Tutor to Marionette and eventually became a close companion to Biotron. He gave his life to bring Biotron back to life as the Bioship.


Became Microtron's girlfriend during the quest for the Enigmatic keys. Along with Microtron she gave her life to bring Biotron back to life as the Bioship.


Leader of the Wolverine tribe on Neversummer. He followed the Micronauts up the mountain on which Karza had his Sunscope. Despite being mortally wounded by Karza he dived into the Sunscope destroying it, and freeing his planet from the everwinter

Peacock, Prince 

Encountered by the Micronauts during their quest for the Enigma keys in Polaria. Peacock slew the mythical snowbear in order to obtain the next key. The prophecy went that whoever did so would lose what he or she most held dear. At the time he mistakingly believed his life was most precious to him being too arrogant to acknowledge his love for Queen Fria who died instead. Broken in spirit he refused to use the key to save Polaria believing it to be the cause of his people's coldness and watched it melt. He then destroyed his bow before handing the key to Rann.

Pharoid, Prince 

Leader of the Aegyptians and welder of the Star Sceptre. He rescued Slug from Shaitan during Karza's second reign and helped overthrow him. He later joined the Micronauts during the quest for the Enigma keys only to betray them to King Argon during Argon's reign of insanity. Guilt ridden he helped them escape but was captured himself and sent to the Pleasure Pits. Later Bug and Acroyear broke in to rescue him only to be themselves taken by the Death Squad. He was then slain by Karza in the arena upon Karza's second return.

Rann, Commander Arcturus

Son of King Dallan and Queen Sepsis and a direct descendant of Wayfinder. See Karza's entry for Rann's early life.
500 years into his exploratory mission he encountered the Temple of Time which contained the living embodiments of the Enigma force. Curious about Rann they merged with him and took on his appearance. As a result of this merger Rann developed minor telepathic powers which at this point were confined to just a mindlink between him and Biotron
Eventually after making first contact with hundreds of worlds (speaking to them in astral form while body was kept in suspended animation in a cryo-chamber) he returned to Homeworld only to be arrested by Karza and thrown into the Arena. He escaped with the help of the Micronauts and eventually learning how to use the Enigma force he became the embodiment of the Time Travellers and was able to kill Karza.
Karza later returned this time ambushing Rann and stealing the Enigma force for himself while also preventing the appearance of Captain Universe. He was defeated instead by Acroyear's use of the Worldmind. Rann aided in Karza's final defeat but this time without the Enigma force.
At the peak of his powers Rann had telepathy, mind probe, mind shield, energy flight and the ability to fire energy bolts.


The seventh member of the Death Squad. Slain by Bug.

The Shadow Priests

Mysterious robed priests which royal families could use to contact the Enigma force. Even Karza used them during his first reign not realising that they were secretly helping the rebellion. In the climax of Karza's first defeat the priests revealed themselves to have really been the Time Travellers in disguise, and as such were never seen in their priest mode again.

Shaitan, Prince 

Acroyear's brother, he was the only albino of his race and shunned because of it. In revenge he betrayed his brother and people to Karza. He was slain by Acroyear and later revived by the Cryolite Priests only to die again when he attempted to summon the Worldmind to destroy Karza. He was instead vaporised by its force. However he did die a hero as he was instrumental in trapping Karza's main fleet in hyperspace permanently while allowing the rebel forces through.


While a child she witnessed Karza slay her father and rape her mother. She led the rebellion twice. During Argon's maniacal phase her body was switched with that of Belladona's and she was placed in the Pleasure Pits. She was rescued by Belladona but both were then slain by Karza.

The Soul Survivours

Encountered by Rann and Devil while trapped on Earth. They saw Rann as their god but tried to kill Devil. All except one were slain by the Bioship when it came to their rescue. It stowed away to finish Devil off but died in the process.

The Time Travellers

The living embodiments of the Enigma force, the first of which was Prince Wayfinder. For centuries they acted as the guardians of the Microverse keeping it from being destroyed from within and without. They aided twice in the defeat of Karza but not during his third reign decreeing they would no longer interfere. They also didn't help in the battle against the Entity even though he threatened the entire Microverse.


Jasmine' sister. She aided the Micronauts in rescuing the second Queen Esmera from Karza during his third reign.


Bug's father. He exchanged his son for food during Karza's first reign. He was imprisoned by Bug after Karza's defeat but escaped during Karza's third reign and was slain while attempting to attack the Governor's palace in a fighter.

Wayfinder, Prince

The leader of a civilisation from a far distant world, he and his people attempted to colonize earth some time in its distant past. However they were brutally attacked by demonic forces and on the verge of being annihilated when Wayfinder called on his Star in the Sword to save them. Using its power it transformed him into the first Time Traveller and transported them all to the Microverse where they colonised Homeworld. The Sword then went into hibernation in the Deadzone until the time of the catastrophe when it was revived by Rann and Dr Strange. It then imbibed them both with the power of Captain Universe whereupon they restored the stability of the Microverse. It was never seen again.


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