The planet is in a state of perpetual winter and never more than 50C. The tribes are of tech level 1 and only true enemy is the Snowslayer, a predator which resembles a yeti.

Karza initially paid no attention to this planet but after this third resurrection used it to demonstrate his Sunscope by attempting to roast the planet. He was stopped by the Micronauts and the chief of the Wolverine tribe whose actions released the planet from its permanent winter and brought spring to it.



Prisonworld was built a few years after Karza took over to serve as a place to send his political opponents. After his first death various crime factions took over styling themselves after Earth's 1920s gangsters. When Karza came back for the third time he once again took control of Prisonworld but his troops were defeated by the Micronauts and Untouchables.



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